Vintage Air into a non-A/C 65 Special/Skylark - any clever dash ideas?

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    Under-dash example. (Re: Vintage Air into a non-A/C 65 - any clever dash ideas?)

    Dear V-8 Buick ~65 fans,

    Michael (64 Skylark Mike) forwarded to me an eBay listing for a 65 Special wagon like my own, but alas . . that . . . . has been brutalized!! :ball: Don't believe me, see for yourself!!

    However, there is one feature of this car I find interesting: the under-dash air conditioning vents. Here are a few pics acquired :grin: from the listing:

    Modernized dash (passenger).jpg Modernized dash (driver).jpg Modernized dash (center).jpg

    Everybody's taste is different, but to me this arrangement of the air conditioning vents looks clean and functional. It isn't going to fool anyone who knows Buicks, but it certainly doesn't look like a cheap add-on. There is another advantage for Vintage Air installations. Vintage Air doesn't have separate heater ducts, so when you want to warm the car, it is better to have vents that can direct hot air downwards as well as cold air upwards.

    So this is another route to consider. If done with care, this might also look dignified and spare you some heavy-duty metal dashboard surgery.

    Cheers, Edouard :beer
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    Re: Looking like a 2-phase project (Re: Vintage Air into a non-A/C 65 Special/Skylark

    That is one nice install with the vents on that dash, but it looks like a lot of effort too. But, judging from the cramped place where you like to lift weights the vent install was likely a breeze![/QUOTE]

    LOL<<<just going through some old posts,,,thanks for the laugh,,,im up to 5 lb weights now!!!!:TU:

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