Weak spots in convertible top.

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  1. Skylark-72

    Skylark-72 Eric S (72 Custom Convertible)

    Hi everyone,
    First off just want to say thanks so everyone on this site, the help and knowledge has been overwhelming and much appreciated!!
    I have been looking over the car and notice small tear in the top passenger side, quarter panel area, after putting top down for first time (manually, I have to fix the hydraulics)
    There is also a matching spot in the other side that looks like it is also about to tear as well. I’m curious have others experienced this? Is there a fix? I have attached some pic. First two are the passenger side where it tore, last one is driver where it’s looking weak.

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  2. pbr400

    pbr400 68GS400

    It’s a very common place to tear (mine has long tears on both sides). I’ve heard (1) they can be prevented by stopping and folding the fabric inward when lowering the top abd, alternately (2) it’s a sign of install error. I too am curious.
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  3. Skylark-72

    Skylark-72 Eric S (72 Custom Convertible)

    i thinking bad install. its seems really tight in that area. thank you for the input!! have you done anything to repair?
  4. pbr400

    pbr400 68GS400

    Not yet-ignored it and driven with the top down.
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  5. 1968_GS400

    1968_GS400 Founders Club Member

    That top is in excellent condition considering it’s age. I have longer tears there, about 6 inches on both sides.

    I have a question about white convertible canvas tops. The place I found to install a new top said that white is not available in canvas as a replacement, only vinyl. Does anyone know why that is?
  6. Skylark-72

    Skylark-72 Eric S (72 Custom Convertible)

    Yeah top is great shape, it was redone about 6/7 years ago. Just don’t want to rip it any more. , not sure about white only on vinyl I haven’t started doing top research yet still working on motor and brakes.
  7. 6455spd

    6455spd Silver Level contributor

    I used some gorilla tape behind (backside) some small tears on my white top. It stopped it from growing. It is black tape so it is barely noticeable, but you do have to firmly press on it to get it to stick.
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  8. 2dtrak

    2dtrak Gold Level Contributor

    I have always folded the top outward so not to pinch while the top is folding. Allows the top frame to collapse completely and easier to install the parade boot. Also that is an area the top pad offers little protection to the vinyl so make sure it’s in place when top is folding. My elite top was installed almost 30 yrs ago and still looks good in that area
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  9. Skylark-72

    Skylark-72 Eric S (72 Custom Convertible)

    thanks for the tip! ill def be mindful of that, hopefully i can get that little section patched up nicely and will use that info going forward.
  10. 1968_GS400

    1968_GS400 Founders Club Member

    Isn’t your top canvas?
  11. Skylark-72

    Skylark-72 Eric S (72 Custom Convertible)

    Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s canvas, feels like it.
  12. 1968_GS400

    1968_GS400 Founders Club Member

    So 6-7 years ago you were able to get a white canvas top for a 72? I have a 68, and they are saying canvas isn’t available in white, only vinyl. I’d rather have white canvas which is on it now. The material currently on mine looks identical to what material in your photos looks like.

    The quote I got was $2500-$3000. Do you know if that is a reasonable price? It seems high to me, but I watched a video showing all they have to do, and there is no way just anyone can put one of these on.

    This place is in Nashville, TN and supposed to be the best. They’ve been around since 1957. They said they do 2-3 tops a week on classic cars.

    Here is their Facebook.

  13. Michael_G

    Michael_G Living the Dream... Fast with Class...

    I rarely have my top up; though sometimes just to help guard against shrinking (so I've read but not experienced)... but am fortunate to not have found any tears yet. It does take some TLC to lower as it hangs in one spot... and I have yet to figure out how to resolve.
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  14. 1968_GS400

    1968_GS400 Founders Club Member

    I was reading you aren’t supposed to leave top down when parked or stored. Why is this? Does it shrink?

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