Weird But well taken cared for

Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by bmxerbrett, Apr 20, 2003.

  1. bmxerbrett

    bmxerbrett Well-Known Member


    GSXMEN Got Jesus?

    I wish they would stick with the Impalas....leave the Buicks alone!:Dou:
  3. RNelson '69 Riv

    RNelson '69 Riv Leadfoot

    As if we didn't have enough to fix already. Can you imagine the electrical system in that car?
  4. skyphix

    skyphix Well-Known Member

    That could be cool... assuming he did it properly... :rolleyes:

    I've been a fan of mild lowriders (such as that one... basically a restore with air/hydraulics) for a long time. Its cool to see someone to it to a Buick, but sad at the same time. At least it is all reversable...
  5. Dale

    Dale Sweepspear

    All in all thats not too bad.
    But, I too wish they would leave the Buicks alone.

    It could have been turned into something like this. :gt:

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  6. hemikillerstg1

    hemikillerstg1 History Repeating Itself

    How many Clowns can they fit in that thing?

    Someone call P.T. Barnum his car is missing:Brow:
    A sad fate for a once nice car.........:ball:

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