What brand of timing gears set

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  1. 66GSconv.

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    what brand of timing gear sets are you running? russ martin's $96.00 set or the one's from TA Perf. $130.00 they look like the the same ones to me. Falcon will piece togethere a set for you for $89.00 + S/H. same as Rockauto. Would like a brand and a part number.I would like a good quality set. Thank you in advance.
  2. doc

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    go to ebay, nailhead buick, and watch for a set,,, they pop up fairly often,,, just buy a all steel set... not the stock plastic covered type....
  3. gsgtx

    gsgtx Silver Level contributor

    the ta perf has the the 9 way crank key to help degree the cam, in the photo on russ martin it shows the 9 way key not sure if thats the one you get. carmen faso 716-695-7144 sells them he has 3 different ones.
  4. satch

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    If you ever want to install a cam down the road, get a timing set now that has multiple keyways so the cam timing can be adjusted.
  5. wkillgs

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    Posted this a few years ago....some may have been discontinued.

    Part Numbers:

    Crank Sprocket: S-276
    Cam Sprocket: S-332
    Chain: 491

    Crank Sprocket: S276
    Cam Sprocket: S332 (now discontinued)
    Chain: C483

    Federal Mogul:
    Crank Sprocket: 223-276
    Cam Sprocket: 223-332
    Chain: 222-491

    Crank Sprocket: S-276
    Cam Sprocket: S-332
    Chain: 9-491

    -Cam Sprockets have become hard to find.

    -Couple of manufactures use the same chain on the Ford 429, if you want to score a deal on eBay.

    -The nylon timing gears are worth about 5 hp due to their light weight. (Thanks Tom!)

    -Offset keys for a Mopar are another way to change the cam timing a few degrees.
  6. GSBuick65

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    I have the double roller set that carmen sells and its worth the price, had it on a 425 that I blew up and im still using it on my 401
  7. gsgtx

    gsgtx Silver Level contributor

    s 276 shows a single key way. is there a part number for the 9 key way crank gear.

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