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  1. J. Moritz

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    I had to rebuild the bottom drivers side door frame (lots of rust). I popped the door skin on the bottom and halfway up the sides, there was a bead of something between the door frame and skin (all hardened that fell off when the skin was popped. What do I use for this?
  2. hugger

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    Few options here, you can just use epoxy primer or self etch primer or you can use a DTM seam sealer, or use a seam sealer over the primer you choose. I don't use anything most the time besides some weld thru or self etch. Then hammer the skin on,. Seam seal the lip replicating whatever it look like b4 then spray the inside of the door with under coating, schultz, grease whatever.

    We dont have the luxury of a dedicated machine and fixture rolling the skin on we have to hammer it on by hand so putting sealer in between makes for a mess 90% of the time.

    I love doing skins they pay really well and I have done 3 b4 lunchtime on occasion and that's metal working the perimeter so there is no puttywork
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  3. J. Moritz

    J. Moritz New Member

    Thanks for the info hugger.
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    DTM. Ditto
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    I’m lucky. I’m Hour / half. From Johnstown Pa. There’s a guy up there Dips Muscle cars. Snow plows. And Tractors. And Buick doors. Best thing ever invented.
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    Dip da dip!

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