Whats everybody using R-12 or 134A

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  1. jalopi42

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    well so for my 74 olds 98 I got the vir unit off and compressor and only ordered the vir elimanator kit and rebuilt a6 with standard threads so if anybody knows I need anything else please let me know thanks
  2. jalopi42

    jalopi42 Don't Wait

    well after all this I found a 50# bottle of R12 a friend had been storing and reinstalled the original VIR unit and oil for the a6 comp, then vac the system down and blowing cool, I have to much oil in the system I believe but so far so good I tried to get a view of the vent temp but that huge wheel got in the way lol

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  3. austingta

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    This is an old thread, but I'm buying components to convert my original 76 (VIR) system to R134a. Sanden style compressor, VIR eliminator, a new low pressure hose and my original hose rebuilt R134a barrier hose. I'm using Classic Air in Tampa. They know what they are doing it seems.
  4. musclecarz

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    I used to work for CAA in Tampa.
  5. snucks

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    I know that blending refrigerants is supposed to be a no no but I am currently running one can of envirosafe.
    and the rest filled with this.
    The ac blows super cold even at idle (500rpm) and will go below freezing if set on recirculating.

    Still using stock poa valve and no other changes were made to the system.
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  6. 455monte

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    I converted my 67 to r134.
    Recalibrated the poa valve and i get 38 degrees out of the vents.
    Using all stock 67 parts except the refrigerant. Ac is a big plus for the kids here in sc in a black car!
  7. Briz

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    Decided to get the A/C working on this 86 Ford truck. It had 134A fittings screwed onto the ports so assumed it had been converted sometime in the past. Jumped the low pressure switch and the comp came online. Had a bit of charge in it so I added some 134. Head pressure went off the gauge. Recovered all the charge and opened it up. High pressure line and the orifice was completely plugged with some sort of brown oily mud looking stuff. Im assuming this is what happens over time when mineral and POE oil is mixed. Completely flushed the system. replaced the hose and orifice. Held 125psi nitrogen overnight and has been in vac for over a day. I have both 12 and 134 here. Haven't decided which to charge it with.
  8. TexasT

    TexasT Texas, where are you from

    What did you use for oil?
    I've read up on that duster stuff and it seems to need a different oil than the r12 mineral oil.
  9. snucks

    snucks Well-Known Member

    envirosafe is just highly refined propane and from all the research I did it carries lubricant better than r134 or r152 (canned air) which is the reason I used a can of it.
    r152/envirosafe blend worked better than straight envirosafe and slightly better than r12 in the electras stock system.

    I also have a 1995 Nissan pathfinder that needed a new evaporator and after fixing that issue I experimented with both r152 and straight envirosafe.
    The envirosafe was around 5* colder so its staying.

    This is the exact oil I'm using.
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  10. Briz

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    Ended up going 134A. Blows really cold at 40 psig.
  11. eagleguy

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  12. RobertRobitaile

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    It wasn't that brand but I used R12a in my stock 73 Riviera system. I flushed the system with Dura II a/c flush solvent put a new compressor on with PAG 46 oil vacuumed it down then filled it with R12a and a can of sealant/Die. It works good. Vent temps in the mid to high 40's. In Canada it hard to get much without a licence but this R12a is on the shelf available to anyone so I figured I would give it a try. Just note that it is lighter by volume then R12 so you need to calculate that. I think 6 oz of R12a is equivalent to 18 oz of R12 But confirm that with another source in case I am wrong.
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  13. eagleguy

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    I was planning on just adding to what was already in the system as I am only low.
  14. RobertRobitaile

    RobertRobitaile Well-Known Member

    I am not an A/C expert at all but I cant see it being a problem. I would make sure you have a low and high pressure gauge when you add it. I got mine cheap on amazon.
  15. eagleguy

    eagleguy 1971 Skylark Custom

  16. snucks

    snucks Well-Known Member

    This stuff is very similar if not exactly the same as Envirosafe which can be had for as little as 5 bucks a can online. It works very well in my Pathfinder as long as you make sure there is no vacuum at all by holding both high and low ports open to allow air to enter the system before charging it.

    On the original style A6 compressor and POA valve system our Buicks use I get better results using duster air with a little bit of the propane (envirosafe etc..) mixed in. temps will get a bit below freezing if set to recirculate at lower fan speeds.

    I also installed a 12" 80 watt electric pusher fan in front of the condenser last weekend but it hasn't been warm enough lately (low 90s) to show much of an improvement though it does move a lot of air. The real test will come when it gets around 100ish with high humidity again.

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