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Discussion in 'Buick Performance Group' started by gbsean, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. gbsean

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    [h=5]Why Join the Buick Performance Group?

    The BPG is a national organization of a diverse group of people with a common goal in mind: The love of Buicks and Buick power! This group provides a medium through which people with a passion for classic and collectible Buick Muscle and Style can come together, enjoy a great hobby, share restoration tips and general knowledge, help each other out and above all, have a great time. By joining the BPG you not only support the BPG but other Buick based clubs as well by allowing the BPG to sponsor other Buick Themed Events. so even if you may not make it to our National Event you maybe participating in an event the BPG Sponsors, so by joining the BPG you are helping support the Buick community as a whole. You can visit http://<wbr>buickperformancegroup.com/<wbr>register.htm for printable forms or to pay via pay pal. We are also working on accepting Debit and Credit Cards.

    Most members renew at our event but as this years event was cut short you may not have renewed. We do send out reminders at the beginning of the year for current members and those that have may have lapsed 1 year. We do not eliminate membership #'s so if you were a member a few years ago and want to rejoin you can visit http://<wbr>buickperformancegroup.com/<wbr>member_roster.htm and look for your #.

    Thank You all for 10 years of success and for the next 10 years of growth

    Sean Ryder

    Buick Performance Group Chairman[/h]
  2. Mike B in SC

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    I sent in my dues about 2 weeks ago. Re-joining after about a 10 year lapse... Hope to see something in the mail soon!
  3. ray morris

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    I rejoined a couple of times but stopped because never got any mail from them at all. Called address was correct but still no mail or anything. Ray
  4. gbsean

    gbsean Moderator

    PM Sent

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