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    So, I've moved onto wiring the wiper motor on this old drag car. I have the switch and the harness and plug that plugs into back of switch is there...dark blue, light blue and a black on either end. No power to any of those and fuse is good.
    All the wires on the firewall are there, but non necessary wires were clipped (wipers, horn, etc.).
    On the fender side plug, 3 are clipped and on the other 5.
    On the 3 plug, black is hot, dark blue and light blue are not and only with key on.
    On the left plug, there is a wire with fabric(?) around it and a black one which are hot. The blue, green and tan are not.
    Can someone please tell me where these wires go ?
    Also, shouldn't there be power to the switch and if so, which wire(s) should be hot?
    Or if the factory wiring isnt gonna work, anyone know of an alternative way to wire the motor to maybe a toggle switch and bypass everything else? This isnt a show car, just a driver hotrod! Thanks.
    Thanks for the help!
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    The wiring diagrams aren't showing you what you need? I can get you better pics if you need them.
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    The wipers always HOT. The switch provides the ground.
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    Wiper motor wiring is not that hard to figure out once you know how it works. The switch provides 2 separate grounds for the motor. One for low speed and the other for high. Make sure you dash is grounded. The wiper motor has 12v power with the ignition on. This wire is yellow and connects to the center pin on the connector. Ground is supplied for the two speeds on the pins on either side of the power wire. The motor must also be properly grounded on the firewall. Make sure there is not any paint under the ground/ mounting screw.
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    Guys, thanks for responding. So the motor is hot and the switch provides the ground? Does that mean that if the motor has no wires attached to it, none of the wires that plug into the switch would have power with key on? That would explain why I have zero juice to anything at the switch. If the motor is plugged in, would one of the wires at the switch then be hot? Should any of those wires at the switch have power regardless if the motor is hooked up or not and if so, which one(s)?
    With regard to the diagrams, yes, they're very helpful, but here's my dilemma. All the wires coming out of the block(s) on the firewall were cut and theres about 2" of each still there. Enough to tie into. For added fun, the last owner spray painted them. I've been able to get enough paint off to, I hope, identify them .
    The diagram shows which colors plug into the motor, but where they run from the motor to the firewall block isnt the same as mine and that's where I'm getting stuck. Could you guys look on your cars and tell me what wires specifically go from the motor to block and where on the block they are? I dont have the plug that goes to the motor, so I have to run wires from the block to the motor and that means identifying the exact 3 wires I need to identify at the block.
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    This would be easier if I knew what year Buick you are working on.
  7. BBM66

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    Lol, sorry you're right!
    74 Apollo!

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