Worn out door latches?

Discussion in 'Wrenchin' Secrets' started by Steve Triplett, Jan 13, 2021.

  1. Steve Triplett

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    I'm New to the site!
    I changed the door strikers on my 66 Skylark , the doors now shut fine but are sloppy and if I push and pull them when they are shut there is quite a bit of play. The door is not staying all the way in they are about 1/4” out with the striker all the way in. Any suggestions on how to suck them in would be appreciated. Suspecting the latches are worn out?

  2. Daves69

    Daves69 Too many cars too work on

    I have had good success with soaking the latches in solvent to remove the old dried grease. Then lube the latches. Should be able to adjust the doors then.
  3. Steve Triplett

    Steve Triplett Well-Known Member

    The latches work fine, the problem is when I shut the door they don’t bring the door into the body far enough and they are sloppy like I explained the drivers side is worse than the passenger side and the strike is as far as it will go towards the inside of the car, thanks for the reply.
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  4. telriv

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    Maybe it's too far in???
  5. wkillgs

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    ^^^ exactly!
    Latching occurs in 2 stages. Sounds like you only get the first stage. Move the strikers out a little and try again.
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  6. NZ GS 400

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    I have been having a similar problem. Thanks guys. Can't wait to go try moving the strikers out a bit. I have mine all the way inboard as well. Never knew or thought about latching occurring in 2 stages.
  7. Steve Triplett

    Steve Triplett Well-Known Member

    Ok well first of all Daves69, I thought my latches were working fine. Not true I applied penetrating oil
    Then shot them with fliud film (love that stuff)
    Worked 10 times better. Telriv and wkillgs you also were correct once I lubed the latches with door open I moved to latch to the closed position and noticed the second click, second stage. My Doors shut and line up to the quarter panels perfect. This is why I love these forums THANKS TO ALL!
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