70 GS 455 frame off project

  • IMG_3004.JPG IMG_3028.JPG Been a while sinc my last post. I now have the lift installed and the GS scattered. Went with a Danmar ACX10. It's great. Fabbed a rotisserie for $250 using mostly pack rat material. It works great too. Will be taking the frame for rust dipping and will have the body media blasted. I will complete the chassis before touching the body. If I do this right I will also post photos. Long road ahead.

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  1. Jpf
    Once Florence passes I take the frame up for dipping. Hard to believe one car can take up half my basement and most of my shop. Love doing this stuff. It's a sickness. Would like to keep all original except going to disc brakes and possibly a cam. Any input on a cam to wake up the none stage one 455 with turbo 400?
    1. Will Petrie
      Call TA performance and just ask them what they suggest. They have been a huge help on my build.
      Will Petrie, Sep 25, 2018
  2. 66electrafied
    I love the rotisserie, brilliant!
    That will be a fantastic car when it's finished!
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