455 100hp Gain?

Discussion in 'Race 400/430/455' started by BigBlockSkylark, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. BigBlockSkylark

    BigBlockSkylark Active Member

    Hey, I'm very new to the forums and new to Buick! I just bought a 1964 Skylark with a 71' Riviera 455 inside. I had some extra money to play with and I wanted to upgrade the engine. I have 1900$ and I'm looking for at least a 100hp gain to the wheels. I already have a Edelbrock Performer Intake, and I was just wondering what I could get for the small budget I have. I apologize if I sound stupid and far fetched but I was just wondering. I'm very new to automotive's so go easy on me.
  2. Briz

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    Welcome to the board. 100 HP on 2K is probably doable but you will have to do all the work yourself or have a friend that knows a bit to do it for you on the cheap. Labor cost way more than parts. Off the top of my head Id say NOS is your fastest most direct and least expensive route to add that much HP. However it wont help the longevity of your engine if ya go around spraying the crap out of a basically stock engine. Good luck.
  3. carmantx

    carmantx Never Surrender

    Welcome to the board.

    Make sure you study and learn before spending any money, so you don't waste any.

    Good cam, maybe TA 212
    TA SP1 intake
    Good Quadrajet
    Head work, mild port and deck
    Headers, exhaust
  4. TheSilverBuick

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    Dollar for Dollar, JW says a roller cam will give more HP than new heads.

    Roller cam+lifters, etc and headers would probably put you right at $1900 if you do all the labor. May have to use shorty headers for that particular frame because I think the only long tube ones that would fit require raised port aluminum heads.
  5. GS Kubisch

    GS Kubisch THE "CUT-UP" BUICK

    What are your goals with the car?

    Are you looking for quicker ET at the track? Chassis dyno numbers? "Seat of the pants" feel on the street?
  6. benderbrew

    benderbrew Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the board and that car is a great looking ride. On the HP, this board more than overflows with individuals and Companies who truly know their stuff. Good Stage I heads with some very good porting, a good cam as was mentioned, and your gonna dust most anything you run across unless it's another BBB.
    Good Luck

  7. BigBlockSkylark

    BigBlockSkylark Active Member

    I'm on the goal to make this thing a street thumper, kindof a rustic hotrod with a good amount of horsepower. I plan on bringing it to the track.
  8. BigBlockSkylark

    BigBlockSkylark Active Member

    Thank you for your response! Yeah I'm planning to do the work with a friend of mine who has rebuilt a couple of engines. So labor work wont be a problem, I was considering NOS but I want something a little more permanent...
  9. BigBlockSkylark

    BigBlockSkylark Active Member

    Thanks for the quick response everyone!
    Roller cam
    Shorty Headers
    All of that would atleast give me a 100hp gain? I already have a good 750cfm Holley Carb and a Edelbrock Performance Buick 455 Intake. Would that be perfect for 100HP?
  10. BigBlockSkylark

    BigBlockSkylark Active Member

    Thanks for responding! and yeah that's the main reason why I signed up for this awesome Forum! Okay so I already have a 4bbl 750cfm Holley on the block and a pretty new Edelbrock performer buick 455 intake. Would that be a good start off? Wouldn't head work be a little much for my budget? I'm thinking Headers, Roller Cam + Lifters would that be a good 100hp gain?
  11. BigBlockSkylark

    BigBlockSkylark Active Member

    Thanks :) and thank you for responding so quickly! I would do stage 1 heads but I just don't have the budget for that. I really want to do a street thumper/sleeper. I was thinking of a mutha thumper cam I just don't know. alot of people told me to sign up to this site, they said there were alot of bright enthusiasts on here!
  12. ronbz455

    ronbz455 Big Butz Racing

    Check out my drag race 462 rebuild thread and that's about as stock power as you can get! 10 second quarters!

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  13. BigBlockSkylark

    BigBlockSkylark Active Member

    Well thats the thing, money is a huge problem. Theres a few cams out there that I can atleast get 50hp but I dont know if the headers are gonna get me the rest of the way.
  14. sriley531

    sriley531 Buckle up, this could get rough....


    Headwork is BIG when it comes to making these engines work. That, along with a proper cam, port match the intake, and proper tuning can go far.

    A few recommendations if may.

    Talk with TA about can selection or consider a Scott Brown custom grind. You really need a cam that works with your over all combo. The mutha thumpers sound wicked, and I know there are guys that make good power with them, but I have a hard time believing it would be a good choice if you're using stock comp pistons. Bigger isn't always better with cams, its all about making everything work together properly. Speak with someone about your overall build that can help you make an informed decision on a cam that will jive with everything, you'll be happy you did.

    Read, study, and execute the power timing thread by Larry "the wizard" (he's called that for good reason). It is very well written, and will often times wake up an engine more than you would believe! And the best part is its extremely inexpensive!! Who doesn't want free power???

    Also put up want ads and keep an eye on the for sale section here. I've bought tons of parts here saving myself big $$$ over new. If you're patient enough, you can get a ton of good deals on good parts here like headers etc that may maximize your budget.
  15. TheSilverBuick

    TheSilverBuick In the Middle of No Where

    Aluminum heads would blow your budget, but in one of the roller cam threads Jim Weise stated something to the effect a matched roller cam is good for 60HP while maintaining excellent idle and street manners where as out of the box aluminum heads are usually about a 40HP boost over iron. To go to a roller cam is just shy of $1000 to get the lifters, cam, cam bearings and bumper bearing where the heads start at $2,500. Best bang for the buck is the roller cam. Then for headers, it would be better for full length, but I'm not sure there are any that bolt to iron or stage 1 aluminum heads that directly fit the '64 chassis. Rather long tube or shorty, they'd be under $900, thus on budget. I can't guarantee that the headers would be worth 40HP, but the roller cam may be worth more than 60HP depending on what your current cam profile is. As with any cam though, watch your piston/valve clearance with the lift, and rollers have fast ramp rates.

    You'll probably want a bigger carburetor though too.
  16. GS Kubisch

    GS Kubisch THE "CUT-UP" BUICK

    It's not as fancy as new intakes, Headers and shiny carburetors, But....I believe in building from the rearend forward.

    Start with a good posi carrier with a 3-series gear. A sound transmission with an 11" converter.

    And before you look for any more power...Make sure your distributor is timed for performance!

    The best bang for the buck on a stock engine is headers and good exhaust.

    After that if budget allows install and degree a performance cam with a new timing set.

    With the above modifications there countless Buick well into the 12's
  17. BigBlockSkylark

    BigBlockSkylark Active Member

    Wow thank you! Thanks for the clarification and detail. I'm just really new. I'm only 17 but I am learning. So just to reflect...

    Roller cam
    Cam Bearings
    Bumper Bearings
    Short or Long tube Headers
    *also check Piston and Valve clearance with the lift because the rollers have fast ramp rates.
  18. Dubuick

    Dubuick CMDR Racer

    That the best advice right there converter ,posi and gears then a hydraulic flat cam car will run 12's
    I wouldn't go with a roller on street car setup to much money I don't even have one in my race car
  19. 300sbb_overkill

    300sbb_overkill WWG1WGA. MAGA

    With a roller cam he will need new valve springs as well.

  20. BigBlockSkylark

    BigBlockSkylark Active Member

    Currently I have a 9" ford rear end, interesting I know haha. It has standard 3.50 ratio, with also track-lock posi. I will definitely make sure my distributor is timed perfectly and it wouldn't hurt to look into 4.10 gears. The tranny I have is pretty well off already, I have the 3 speed t400. Oh and I have a custom exhaust with flowmaster 40s. Thank you for the advice, probably after my Cam and headers I'll head to the rear end. Thanks alot for the insight!

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