70-72 body to frame bushings

Discussion in 'Chassis restoration' started by 72 skylark custom, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. 72 skylark custom

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    This might sound a little dumb but i would like to know if there is a certain brand or type of bushing that is better than another brand of bushing, and what the differences are between the different bushings? I will take any advice or suggestions as i have to replace my body bushings on the frame of my 72 skylark
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    Copperhead looked at most of the options when he restored a 70 GSX. Look at his posts or ask him.
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    Yes, there is a good long post somewhere. Bottom line kit From Fusick Olds is closest to original. You will probably need to order two extra mounts for firewall area. Olds only used 2 and Buick used 4. Their cushions are not correct however. They have loose washers. Cars did sell correct cushions with molded in washer and was part BM644A. I heard the thickness of the washer was reduced maybe? Might call for doubling up by using washers from kit. Don’t by goofy gold hardware kit. AMK Products sells bolts that are close to correct. Get the longer core support bolts for firewall area and maybe other areas too as short ones may be too short? You may have to cut the ones under the doors a bit or they will bottom out. If you have a Flint built car don’t loose the 4 nuts at the firewall. They are unique. Other plants used square nuts which are available and can be used because they are hidden.
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    purchased the body bushings (convertible kit) from Fusick but the rad cradle bushings from Cars.
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    Okay cool i will check into the cushions from cars here today, where is the article about these bushings? Where could i get the washer so i could double them up if they are thin? Ill look into getting the longer bolts as well for probably the other parts of the car and may just trim the bolts so they are not too long
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  7. 72 skylark custom

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    Thank you, i will read this article. Thanks guys

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