Parting out 72 Twin Turbo Skylark

Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by gs455david1, Oct 8, 2018.

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    Tried selling car together, but no interest so am parting it out. Have a list of everything below with prices and will provide pics upon request. Have receipts for most everything.

    Rossler Terminator 4 Turbo 400 with Ultra Bell, BOP bolt pattern, aluminum pan, catch can, Pro Tree trans brake, AN fittings, Billet Steel Hub, Pro Mod Sprag, 248 gear set, 36 element sprag. Only about 50 passes on tranny and still like new. A Continental 10" convertor comes with it that stalls on the brake to about 3200 rpm and this is with a car that makes over a 1000 lbs of torque. Very easy to drive on the street with no slippage and rips off high 1.30 60 foots on a radial without even stressing it. Paid $6k for the pair. Will sell for $3800. Both in pristine condition. Also include the Kevlar Tranny blanket as well.

    TA Performance V8 Stage 2 Track Eliminator Heads with Max effort port job by Gessler, Fully ported with bigger exhaust valves, 1.7 ratio T&D rockers, Fully ported by Gessler SP2 Intake Manifold and Gessler Valve covers. $4,000. Over .350 CFM at 550 lift at 28 inches on intake. Car ran 6.20s in the 1/8 at only 10lbs of boost with these heads easily have run high 5's in the 1/8 with any boost which would put it a super lows 9s in quarter or high eights. I drive the car everywhere.

    CSU 950 Blow Thru carb and fully bolt up twin turbo system for 72 Skylark. Manifolds in stainless, 2 Garrett 66 mm on intake and .81 housing turbos. Great condition, 2 38 mm Tial Wastegates, 1 60 mm Tial Blow off valve, CSU Carb Hat and all piping. Also have Bell Intercoller that is 4" thick and can support 2000 horsepower. $1000 for Carb, $1000 for intercooler and $3000 for Turbo system which would be turbos, blow off valve, wastegates, carb hat, manifolds, air intakes, down pipes, v bands, silicon sleeves, clamps, everything minus the intercooler. The turbos alone cost almost $2000 dollars. You are getting a fully bolt on system for less than the cost of the parts. If you buy it all together, I will set it for $4,700. If you want the whole system, you should also consider buying my Radiator and customer core support that holds both the radiator and intercooler.

    Ron Davis Radiator with dual Spall fans, $700. includes relays and custom catch can.

    MSD Ready to Run Distributor for Buick 455, MSD Wires, MSD HVC 2 Coil and brand new in box, never run MSD 7531 box. $1200. The 7531 alone is $900 brand new and this has never been used.

    Magnafuel 500 pump, Aeromotive 1000 Boost referencing regulator, 20 gallon powdercoated cell with GM sending unit and all AN fittings and lines, $1000. Have at least $250 in AN fittings alone.

    TA Performance Timing cover for 455, ATI dampner, Miloden 8 quart pan and pick up, $1,000. Timing cover alone is $900. All those parts together are $2,000.

    I also have the rolling chassis which is a 72 so see below for that.

    1972 Twin Turbo Buick Skylark for sale. Not a GS or original big block car. Perfect body painted in PPG Speed Green, Billet Specialties wheels powder coated black as well as bumpers and door handles.

    The driveshaft is a Strange 3 1/2 inch driveshaft and the rear end is a Moser 9 with 3.50 gears. The brakes are Wilwood discs all the way around with dual calipers in the rear. The exhaust is dual 3 1/2 inch with Dynomax Race Magnum mufflers and isn't too loud for street driving. The car has an 8.50 Certified (will need to be recertified as they expire) cage in it with swing outs. Car also has reinforcements boxing the frame below the car and is incredibly solid and stable on the street and track. You can go down the strip with only one hand on the steering wheel turning a 9 second quarter mile and it goes dead straight. There is also a custom transmission cross member fabricated for the car as well. The car has a Wolf Race Craft complete rear suspension as well as QA1 adjustable shocks. The front seats are Kirkey's and the rear seats are factory and black. No door panels in car, but has green carpet in front and haven't gotten around to installing rear carpet yet. There is a custom parachute mount with a Stroud chute. The car runs on Mickey Thompson ET Street Radials and are 295/65/15. This car has everything you could want in a drag car with street car manners. If any questions, call me at 760-703-4627. My name is David. Car is 20K for rolling chassis with all parts listed above. Will provide pictures upon request. You can see my previous ad in Cars for Sale on V8 Buick to see the original ad and videos of the car running.
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    Thanks for sharing the link Mike.
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    Got any pics or specs on the intercooler?
  5. dual-quadism

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    Sad to see this get parted, was a bad ass car. Wish you well with it. Have you tried Ebay/Racing Junk/YellowBullet?
  6. gs455david1

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    I will start posting various pics shortly. I didn't want to part it out, but zero interest. Hard to believe considering how well this thing is built, but it is what it is.
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    Some pics. Posting more.

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  8. gs455david1

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    More pics.

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    How many miles/passes on the heads/intake/rockers?
    can you send me flow #'s?
    Thank you
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    Inline for front cover, balancer, oil pan.
    Is the front cover complete with oil pump?
    Do you have part #'s for these items?
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    Wow David.....sorry to hear you have to part the car out. It sure look like a killer build. Good luck with the sale!!
  12. gs455david1

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    About 50 passes and about 5000 street miles. Getting the #s for you. Gessler's Level 4 Maximum Effort port job though.
  13. gs455david1

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    Pump and everything. Let me check my invoices, but it is the modified one from TA, etc. I will get the part numbers.
  14. gs455david1

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    It's OK. I just don't use it any longer and it has sat for a year.
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    This is a sad post for sure..:(
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    Tell me about it. I am starting the tear down tomorrow for people that want to buy the stuff. Car is running and I am tearing it down. Pretty sickening.
  17. gs455david1

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    Here are some receipt and parts pics.

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    Man I can't believe that wasn't snapped up..
    Very cool Skylark!
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    Flow numbers for heads at 28" of water
    .100 75 Intake 62 Exhaust
    .200 159 Intake 115 Exhaust
    .300 224 Intake 166 Exhaust
    .400 292 Intake 234 Exhaust
    .500 334 Intake 252 Exhaust
    .550 355 Intake 262 Exhaust
    .600 365 Intake 271 Exhaust
  20. gs455david1

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    Posted the info. Send me PM so we can work out payment shipping if still interested.

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