1967 GS400 Post

Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by 68Rivi_In_Cali, Jun 6, 2021.

  1. 68Rivi_In_Cali

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    Well, been working on this car for the past couple of months. It's a 1967 Buick GS400 Post.

    I purchased it as a roller. Just had the transmission in it.

    Dropped in a rebuilt 430
    Edelbrock intake topped with a Sniper Efi unit and fed with a stealth aeromotive tank.
    Breathes out Kenne Bell headers and dual exhaust that Dumps at the axle

    Has a 74 TH400 case with switch pitch internals.

    12 Bolt rear, I think it's an early 64 narrow 12 bolt with 3.73 gears.

    Has buckets with a center console with tach.

    Car appears to have factory disc brakes as well.

    Original color was Ivory with yellow interior and black top.

    I bought it in a funky teal color with black buckets. Only the door panels and headliner are the original yellow/ white interior.

    I added my set of custom offset 15x7 and 15x8 rallies. The rear was able to fit a 275 tire with no running. I think the backspacing is 5.5.

    I'm planning on using it as a daily for a while. Adding a vintage air unit as soon as I get it back from paint.

    I'll just update this thread randomly as it progresses.

    IMG_20201022_222450_197.jpg 20201025_114031.jpg 20201025_114035.jpg 20210518_135828.jpg 20210518_135831.jpg 20210518_135845.jpg 20210502_192048.jpg 20210429_184138.jpg
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  2. 68Rivi_In_Cali

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    Here's the Rear wheel fitment

    20210412_153758.jpg 20210412_163525.jpg 20210412_161747.jpg 20210415_080709.jpg 20210415_080714.jpg 20210415_080720.jpg 20210415_082016.jpg 20210415_192136.jpg 20210415_080800.jpg
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  3. 68Rivi_In_Cali

    68Rivi_In_Cali Well-Known Member

    Also had the front Bumper rechromed. Came out great. Still need to clean the rear. Also need to clean and paint the badges.

    The grill as well but it's in excellent shape.

    20210428_185650.jpg 20210404_171552.jpg 20210328_162059.jpg
  4. 68Rivi_In_Cali

    68Rivi_In_Cali Well-Known Member

  5. 68Rivi_In_Cali

    68Rivi_In_Cali Well-Known Member

  6. 68Rivi_In_Cali

    68Rivi_In_Cali Well-Known Member

    Some progress being made at the shop

    20210607_144738.jpg 20210607_144721.jpg
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    Keep up the progress pics
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    It is starting to look real good. I am glad you swapped the ugly wheels out. I had been chatting with you about the wheels on Facebook in the past. The Flat black looks decent too. Keep us posted on the progress.

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