300 to 350 Distributor shaft teeth

Discussion in 'Small Block Tech' started by chrisk, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. chrisk

    chrisk Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know how many teeth are on the distributor for a 300 engine? I know the 350 has 14 teeth, I just need to make sure I can use my 300 engine's distributor for a 350 as well. Thanks.
  2. 300sbb_overkill

    300sbb_overkill WWG1WGA. MAGA

    Yes, I believe that the 215/300/340/350 use the same gear count on the distributor, while the 400/430/455 use a different gear count on the distributor, 13 teeth I think? GL

  3. GS Jim

    GS Jim Platinum Level Contributor

    When I put my 350 in my Skylark I used the 300 Dist. with no problems. It'll fit right in.


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