455 A/C Sanden Compressor bracket

Discussion in 'The Big Chill' started by LonghornSS, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. kev 190164

    kev 190164 kev spider

    thank for the reply I fitted the 455 buick my self got rid of the 403 olds. yes it was an a car as well . [​IMG]
  2. LonghornSS

    LonghornSS Well-Known Member

    Ok that maes sence now. If you are interested in a bracket send me a pm and we can work out the details.
  3. kev 190164

    kev 190164 kev spider

    i have emailed the seller who sold me the kit. he told me that i would definitely receive buick brackets . i am waiting for is reply but will order one from you. i live in the uk but have a friend in florida who ships containers to the uk. cheers kev
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  4. LonghornSS

    LonghornSS Well-Known Member

    Ok keep me posted.
  5. kev 190164

    kev 190164 kev spider

    I received my bracket today thanks longhornss .this is a very well made bracket the welds are spot on . even come primed will post pics when I have fitted the bracket
  6. LonghornSS

    LonghornSS Well-Known Member

    I am glad it made it to you. I hope everything works out for you.
  7. wunquik86'

    wunquik86' Well-Known Member

    Brad, can you tell me what make vehicle those adjustable brackets were made for that he fabricated the compressor mount out of? Seen those but just won't come to me. Appreciate any info you can provide.
  8. mummy68

    mummy68 Silver Level contributor

    Are you still making these brackets. I reeally need one
  9. LonghornSS

    LonghornSS Well-Known Member

    Yes I can still make these brackets. If anyone is interested shoot me a PM
  10. LonghornSS

    LonghornSS Well-Known Member

    Hey guys there was a question a while back as to which belts to run with my compressor / alternator bracket. So I checked the two cars I have here in the shop at the moment one 455 and one 350. The belts we have on them are all Top Cog belts by Dayco and the numbers are as follows. Both of these cars are running factory A/C pulleys so if you have a set of aftermarket aluminum pulley these numbers may change.

    Compressor #15630

    Alternator #15460

    Power Steering #15525

    Compressor #15650

    Alternator #15495

    Power Steering #15500

    It is not required that you change your existing power steering belt.

    I If your existing alternator belt fits and tensions properly you may be ok, but use your discretion weather or not you change the alternator belt. If it were me I would put matching belts on the alternator and compressor since they share a common pulley on the alternator.
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  11. wheelspin

    wheelspin Member

    Hi Brad,
    New Forums member with a Buick 340 motor in a '65 Sport Wagon that I want to fit with a Sanden compressor & V/Air kit. Will your combo mount fit my heads? What does it cost, if I may ask :confused:

  12. LonghornSS

    LonghornSS Well-Known Member

    I cannot speak to the fitment on a 340 Head, the factory brackets appear to be the same, from pictures I have found online. However you will have to confirm the bolt pattern in the end of the head is the same as a 350, 400, or 455. (I may be able to make you a PDF print out of the bolt pattern for confirmation)

    Another thing you will have to consider is pulley's I know this bracket works with 350 and 455 engines with factory A/C pulleys from 68-72. I do now know all the differences in water pump and pulley spacing for any other years or engine configuration.

    The bracket is $200 plus shipping.

  13. wiholde

    wiholde New Member

    Hello Longhornss Do you happen to have some of your brackets made? I am in the need of one. I am running Classic Auto Air with my set up.
  14. LonghornSS

    LonghornSS Well-Known Member

    PM Sent
  15. austingta

    austingta Well-Known Member

    I need a bracket too, as I am going to run a Sanden on my 76.

    Thanks Frank
  16. LonghornSS

    LonghornSS Well-Known Member

    I currently have 4 brackets cut and ready to process. If you are intersted send me a PM,we can talk availability and shipping
  17. Dan Dittes

    Dan Dittes Member

  18. Dan Dittes

    Dan Dittes Member

    I would be very interested in this bracket. Installing vintage air on my 68 Riviera and having some trouble finding anything that will work.
  19. Dan Dittes

    Dan Dittes Member

    Building a 68 riviera and installing vintage air, need a bracket like this to install Sanden compressor and relocate Alternator.
  20. Dan Dittes

    Dan Dittes Member

    I sure would like one of these brackets. Very very interested. Love the design and moving the alternator over.

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