455 A/C Sanden Compressor bracket

Discussion in 'The Big Chill' started by LonghornSS, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. LonghornSS

    LonghornSS Well-Known Member

    Hey Guys as of 9/3/2017 I have 3 brackets cut and welded..... 2 of which are spoken for. If anyone is interested in the last bracket please send me a PM I am super busy these days and rarely monitor this thread.

    I do however get email notifications of Private Messages so if anyone is interested that is the best way to contact me.

    When the last one is gone I am not sure when I will have the time to get more brackets made up.

  2. izanurse

    izanurse Platinum Level Contributor

    PM Sent
  3. syco54

    syco54 Member

  4. LonghornSS

    LonghornSS Well-Known Member

    If anyone is interested in these brackets let me know.
  5. rjm

    rjm Well-Known Member

    Interested, PM sent
  6. brands5.0

    brands5.0 Well-Known Member

    I would like to buy a bracket.
  7. jstev

    jstev Member

    hello-i'm interested in an ac bracket kit. am just getting back to working on cars after cancer surgery. have not figured out pm message. thanks jay s
  8. jstev

    jstev Member

    hello-i'm interested in an ac bracket kit. am just getting back to working on cars after cancer surgery. thanks-js ( jstev)
  9. rjm

    rjm Well-Known Member

    jstev, to send a pm to lonhorn ss, just click on his avatar then click on " start a conversation " . I have one of his brackets. I haven't installed it yet, but it is very nice, one of these days Ill get around to installing a aftermarket a/c .
  10. mummy68

    mummy68 Silver Level contributor

    I have one of these in my car. Best item ever. If you also buy an alternator turnbuckle you are set for life. Perfect fit with the turnbuckle the belts stay strong and tight. I recommend this part its a rock solid piece
  11. mjoc

    mjoc Well-Known Member

    Can you explain what you mean by turnbuckle????

  12. mjoc

    mjoc Well-Known Member

    I sent a PM message but i am going to post up here as well. I'm am current looking for a AC bracket.. I have the Vintage Air system on order and would like to install as soon as possible.. so this bracket would be a god send...
    Thank you in advance Michael
  13. r72gs

    r72gs Another project........


  14. LonghornSS

    LonghornSS Well-Known Member

    OK guys as of 11/15/2018 O have replied to all of my PM's that I have revived in the last few months. Thanks so much for everyone's patience while I finished up some major projects at at the shop. I currently am cutting 6 sets of brackets to be welded. These 6 are currently spoken for unless those deals fall through.
    If anyone else wants one of these brackets Please send me a PM I do not monitor this thread, I will revive an email if you send me a PM.

    Thanks Everyone who has purchased one of these brackets.
  15. LonghornSS

    LonghornSS Well-Known Member

    Guys I just finished welding up 6 of these brackets.... these take a while, I am going to be doing another run of 6 of these so that I don't have to rush to fill orders next time. Send me a PM if anyone is interested.

    Thanks again
  16. dentman

    dentman Well-Known Member

    I am in for one bracket. WILL pm you. Todd
  17. LonghornSS

    LonghornSS Well-Known Member


    you are alrady on my list and have your name on one of the brackets ready to ship.
  18. PMBuick

    PMBuick Active Member

    I used a sanden A610 that bolts up to the factory bracket
  19. LonghornSS

    LonghornSS Well-Known Member


    I am curious to know if you use this compressor on an original A/C system or with a high performance aftermarket unit, such as Classic auto air or Vintage air which are designed around the use of an SD 508 Compressor.
  20. PMBuick

    PMBuick Active Member

    Longhorn on my '65 it is a aftermarket system of my own design, but the compressor and bracket look original. On my '66 I used the SD508 and had to modify the hell out of the bracket

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