455 intake manifold needed!

Discussion in 'Parts wanted' started by Vac2dabay, Mar 26, 2019.

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    Hey there gentleman, I am located in northern California and in need of an intake manifold for a 73, 455. I have one but it has a horizontal center port on the intake but I have a vertical center port on my head's so it will not work. Any correct ones for sale out there. Also I do not need the one I have so if anybody needs that let me know. Thanks in advance. 20190324_091654.jpg 20190324_091738.jpg
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    That's just your "heat riser". It is there to speed up the intake heating under the carb so a cold engine runs smoother quicker.
    I always block the heat riser because once the engine is warm all it does is keep heating. The cooler the intake the better the engine runs, the cooler the fuel stays, less chance of vapor lock, carb stays cooler too.
    TA sells a block off kit or you can make your own.
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    Cooler intake is good unless you plan on driving the car in temps less than 40* at which point intake warming can take a while and if below 32* carb icing can occur. In your case you would also need to block off the 4 AIR ports in each head. If it is a stocker then your best bet is to find an intake. There should be plenty around of that era for cheap but the shipping could be steep because of the weight. A later model Edelbrock Performer would also work. The intake you have looks to be a 70-71 style which is worth more than the kind you need but the shipping weight is always a tough call. Check the FOR SALE ads and actually this thread belongs in the "WANTED" thread area below. You may get more results there.
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    I'm a rookie, thank you all for your responses!
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    Hi ,I would never pay that kind of money for a useless pair of heads like that,maybe $100.00,not more.best thing would be what Mike suggested ,that is to plug the thing.Maybe that guy has the intake for $50.00,that would fix all.Bruno.
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    pm sent

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