84 Riviera, replacing door locks

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    I lost my keys, and may have to replace the lock cylinders in the doors. Can that be done without removing the door panels? Its an 84 Buick Riviera.
    Also what about the ignition key cylinder? Can that be removed without removing the steering wheel?
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    Yes, you have to remove the door panels and also the steering wheel to get to the locks or ignition lock.
    There could be a code for the key on the ignition lock, did you check your owner's manual (little book in the glove box)?
    Maybe the first owner wrote the code down.

    Also, check this thread on the board:


    From another forum:

    70's trucks

    Chevy Truck Lock Code Location

    The code number should be stamped on the door lock cylinder, sometimes one, sometimes both.

    The only time I have found one that didn't have the code stamped on it is when the lock had been replaced with a new one.
    Check the passenger door first.

    Generally the lock case will have to be cleaned very well to be able to see the code number.
    A small wire brush, steel wool, scotch bright, or sandpaper usually works well for this.

    I do not recommend a wire wheel because it will completely remove the code number if it is stamped lightly.
    The code number is always stamped into the lock case, never cast into it.

    Most locksmiths can cut a key from this code number.
    Home centers and hardware stores will not be able to do this.

    If the locks are original to the truck or were all replaced at the same time the key made from the code number on the door lock should fit the ignition switch.

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