Body Part Survey- 70-72 GS/Skylark- who needs what?

Discussion in 'Repro Parts' started by Jim Weise, Dec 4, 2004.


What parts would you buy in the next 12 months?

  1. Outer Wheelhouse, LH, HT $129.00

  2. Outer Wheelhouse, RH, HT $129.00

  3. Outer Wheelhouse, LH, Convert $199.00

  4. Outer Wheelhouse, RH, Convert $199.00

  5. Factory Style Quarter Panel HT- LH $600

  6. Factory Style Quarter Panel HT- RH $600

  7. Factory Style Quarter Panel Convert LH $800

  8. Factory Style Quarter Panel Convert RH $800

  9. Core Support- All - $259.00

  10. Deck Filler panel- HT- $159

  11. Deck Filler Panel- Convert- $199

  12. Front Fender- All- LH $359

  13. Front Fender- All RH $359

  14. Wheel opening molding (all 4) HT/Convert $259

  15. Inner front fender LH all - $279

  16. Inner front fender RH all - $279

  17. Door skin LH - $199

  18. Door skin RH- 199

  19. Drip Rail moulding set- HT- $199

  20. Rear Bumper- 70 $299

  21. Rear Bumper 71/2 $299

  22. Rear Bumper 71-2 with N25 option $359

  23. Front Bumper- 70 $299

  24. Front Bumper- 71 $299

  25. Front Bumper- 72 (less rubber kit) $299

  26. Trunk Drops

  27. future

  28. future

  29. future

  30. future

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

    Recently, there has been a few threads concerning getting body parts repro'ed.

    One vendors answer has been that they don't see a market. A few years ago, when the supply of good parts cars and NOS parts was greater, I believe they were correct. But now, with a lot of those cars and parts gone, and with the changing demographics of the owners of a lot of these cars, I think the need may be there now.

    Let's find out.

    The poll is a list of Body parts for the most common cars. I know you pre-70 guys would like some parts too, but I think we have to start with the most popular body style, the 70-72.

    I went to Goodmark's site, and grabbed some sample prices for Chev, Pont and Olds parts.. .

    In some cases, I raised the prices, due to what I percieve as less demand than the example I looked at..

    This is not about getting a bargin folks.. it's about getting them to make a part, that they can do, make money, and make us more parts...

    The poll lists a part, a possible retail price based on other the prices for the same part for other brands, that they offer.

    If you would purchase one of these parts, for the suggested retail price listed, then vote for that part. These are all 70-72 body parts.

    You can vote as for as many items as you need. But don't just click them all, for the sake of "fattening up the poll" because if we get them to make a part, and nobody buys it, they will be much less likely to make something else for us. We need a reasonably accurate survey here.

    We will give this some time to develop, and then forward the results to a number of manufacturers. And then maybe we can get something done.

    The order that they appear in the poll, is what I consider the priority for need parts.. when's the last time you saw an NOS, or even good used, outer wheelhouse for sale?? And lots of guys need them..

    Quarters and wheelhouses are almost automatic in this shop.. I have a few cars right now that could use wheelhouses.

    This poll is open for 30 days, you can vote for as many parts as you will need.

    Also note that to add validity to this poll, the vote is public.. what you voted for, and your username, will appear. (Although a glitch in the software will not allow you to see the names, after you vote)
  2. BillMah52

    BillMah52 Well-Known Member

    I put in my .02
    Quarterpanels and wheelhouses are almost a definite with any resto of a 30+ year old car. Lower quarter patches would also be helpful as a good number of these cars only need the piece below the body line.
    Quality deck fillers are also a must. What is available now is just too light guage metal.

    GSXMEN Got Jesus?

    Jim - Click on 'View Poll Results'. That shows who voted for what, along with a numerical tally of each part.

    Eventually, I'll need the usual for various projects.....1/4's/patch panels, fenders, wheelhouses, chrome trim, etc. Just don't know when, so I didn't vote.
  4. bignastyGS

    bignastyGS Maggot pilot

    I think there would be a big interest in correct trunk drops too.The panel behind the wheelwell that hooks to the lower 1/4 and the outside part of the trunk.Common rusted area too.Besides the ones at OPGI stink and are for a Chevelle....Not the rght ones.
  5. TimR

    TimR Nutcase at large

    I agree, correct trunk drop offs would be great, would have saved me a small fortune on the ragtop.

    The problem here is that parts also dictate the project. I mean, if I knew that I could buy outer wheelhouses, really good quarters, door skins, fenders and the rear window filler piece then I would seriously consider saving the 72 GS 455 HT I have here right now. But I can't vote for those parts because as it sits, unless they make all of the parts needed, this car is dead in the water. No point having doorskins if i don't have outer wheelhouses, etc.

    Another piece that might be worth considering is the cowl area by the lower windshield, seems like that is getting to be an issue on these cars, and they fit all a-bodies but I have never seen anything advertised.

  6. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

    Scott.. interesting glitch in the software.. after you have voted, the "view poll results" does not appear..

    I logged in with a test username, and then saw what you were talking about.


    The point of the poll is to determine who would buy these parts, if there were available.. at the suggested price.. so if those parts were all available, would you buy everything needed to redo your HT? For our purposes, let's assume that everything is available.

    If you would restore it, then you should vote for the parts it would need.

    I voted for all the parts I would like to buy, for the cars currently in the shop (and multiples of some.. :eek2: )

    I will add the trunk drops, the base of the windshield is actually 4 pieces, the dash top, the cowl, and the base of the A pillars make up that entire area. It's doubtful that just one piece would be tremendously helpful.

    Rust there is typically the "kiss of death", because if it's there.. it's everywhere..

  7. GS462GS

    GS462GS Well-Known Member

    Great thread,thanks Jim.
  8. TimR

    TimR Nutcase at large

    If the sheetmetal were actually available it would sure make things cheaper to do (rather than having stuff handformed). I have two projects that would be entertained if the parts were there so have voted as such.

    Any chance we can make something happen???

  9. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

    Squeeky wheel gets the grease...

    We need to start squeeking! This is one way to do it..

    I do believe that at least partially because of the board, we all know what is, and is not available, so these companies don't get phone calls, which they interpret as no demand..

    We need to lobby the industry, just like everybody else does.. and then support it when they make the parts.. this will lead to more parts..

    Goodmark's Chevelle catalog makes me drool uncontrollably.. and I noticed that they are doing some stuff with original tooling now.. so who's to say a lot of the OE tooling for the Buick A body stuff is not sitting in a warehouse somewhere. It may be.. or it may be gone.. but we will never know, unless enough of the right folks, ask the right questions to those who know..

  10. TimR

    TimR Nutcase at large

    Jim, can the BPG approach them with some kind of support or to discuss the issue?? Maybe we can get things rolling....I've already dispatched a personal e-mail to goodmark as per the other thread.

  11. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

    Sure... we can take that approach.. maybe take commitments on a part, to get something rolling..

    I have to call and talk to somebody in charge, once I get some hard data with the poll here.

    I am also going to talk to some other vendors, somebody has got to want to play ball with us, and stamp out some parts..

  12. carcrazy455

    carcrazy455 Well-Known Member

    Jim, I like many on this board have many Buicks. How do I vote for more than 1 of each of these items?

    Last edited: Dec 5, 2004
  13. Truzi

    Truzi Perpetual Student

    Since I won't be able to afford anything in the time frame, I'll have to abstain. Too bad, though. Nice to see the convertible quarters in the poll.

    If they did start production, I'd likely buy a few things down the road.
  14. Legendary

    Legendary Well-Known Member

    Funny how sometimes....

    .....Supply creates demand. I understand that companies like Goodmark decide to make a product based upon numbers and not gut feeling.

    I also think that at least some segment of the old car buyers look for cars they can get parts for. If you don't have a car yet and find out that you can get a Chevelle grill for $129, and may not be able to get a Buick grill for less than a grand, the Chevelle starts looking smart. Why do we have people putting Chevy motors in everything? When we buy a car, why do the smart people advise us to get the most rust free, complete car we can?

    Our supply of parts is getting crushed. If we don't push for some of this stuff, and put our money where our mouth is, 10 years from now $1200 for a grill will look like a bargain.

    Then again, if the parts are out there, owning a Buick will start to look more and more manageable for more potential buyers.
  15. Gr8ScatFan

    Gr8ScatFan ^That Car Is Sick^

    While I didn't vote, theres something I would like to say about the parts. I'm in the process of doing a project car with a peformance BBB. As you can see in my signature, I'm interested in the Skylark bodystyle for it. I just need the shell for it, so I look for cheap prices, because I'm not going to tub a show condition car. Everytime I see an ad for a Skylark for cheap, it usually has some rust or enough damage to discourage me. If there were reproduction parts around, maybe I would have a little more hope for finding a Skylark, because the bad parts would be easy to replace. Just how I see it.
  16. r72gs

    r72gs Another project........

    Would this be better off posted in "The Bench? It may get more exposure.

    Even something as small as trunk drops would move use in the right direction.

    I have a set of trunk drops already as well as a set of conv outer wheel houses and all the doors and fenders in decent shape. If these parts were made I'd go with new in a minute. It takes an unreal amount of time to salvage these parts. If you're paying a resto shop to do it it only adds to the cost of the resto. I'd say these parts would be a bargain even if the cost were higher.

    Door skins would be awesome. Even if the door looks good you never know when something is about to come thru. I can seem to find a good way to get to the bottom inside and clean or make sure it's protected.

    I'm sending Goodmark an email as well.

    Thanks Jim, I hope the BPG can help out.
  17. SportWagonGS

    SportWagonGS Moderator

    I havn't voted only becuase I'd have to check've seen pics of my 70' it needs a rear clip, I'd probably start buying parts if they were out there but as always money is tight on my end, it would take me years to buy every thing a part at a time....someday perhaps
  18. tlivingd


    hmm.. could this maybe mean something?

    *************recieved message************
    No plans for any Buick parts at this time.but keep tabs on our website
    for upcoming parts projects.


    *********org message*****************
    Is there any chance you have 70 skylark parts in the works? I'm looking

    for front fenders and rear convertible quarter panels. I know someone
    repops rear quarters for coupes but nothing for the convertible.

    Nate Hankins
  19. MGSCP

    MGSCP Guest

    What!!!!!!! 65 To 69's Don't Count ???????????? GOODMARK/GM

    :rant: :Do No: :puzzled: WHAT ABOUT US 65 TO 69 GUYS :Do No: :puzzled: :rant:

  20. 462CID

    462CID Buick newbie since '89

    Maybe you didn't see it, in the thread, but the 70-72 body style for the Skylark is probably the most popular old Buick. Read through Jim W's posts in this thread again, and you will find the reasoning

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