Buick builders in North Carolina or Virginia

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  1. Crawford_804

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    Good morning everyone,
    I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of a reputable engine builder in North Carolina or VA that is familiar with the Buick block. I've done a little research and have seen a lot of talk about oil mods and I want them done correctly. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. twmson

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    Did you ever find a engine builder? I am looking for one in Virginia (near Roanoke if possible).
  3. flynbuick

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  4. flynbuick

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    Also Bobby Warren's shop in Clinton, NC did a good job for another member.
  5. 12lives

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    A little to the north but very good:

    BURTONSVILLE PERFORMANCE MACHINE SHOP,Laurel MD.(301)490-3131. Al and Tom do the blocks and heads.
  6. twmson

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  7. MD_76_LIMITED

    MD_76_LIMITED Trust the process...

    They built my engine. Great experience from start to finish.
  8. buickbob1

    buickbob1 buickbob1

    They just finished mine also. Really understands Buick's!
  9. twmson

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  10. 8ad-f85

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    If you want the best quality work done, just pick your builder and ship it.
    Those costs are insignificant in the bigger picture.
  11. britt'sStage 1

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    I had my BBB shortblock done at Burtonsville Performance Machine, also. Mr.Jay B.Britt, Jr.

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