my 69's resurection/modification

Discussion in 'Wrenchin' Secrets' started by skymangs, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. skymangs

    skymangs Bad boys drive Buicks!

    Oh, and just to refresh everyones memory, this is the "Low buck" engine, to get me going. It is a 73 455 with .40 over Speed Pro 10.5:1 pistons. no real oil mods, TA double groove cam bearings, Poston 113 cam, hi rev lifters, Stage 1 valve springs, and 67 Big port 430 heads with three angle valve job and home pocket porting. Dont even know what kind of horsepower to expect, but it should still be pretty respectable.

    The real engine is on a stand in the garage. the block is finished except for girdles, I have the stroker kit, but that is about all. This one is gonna cost about 10G's, so I want to get the car on the road before then. The stroker will be fuel injected with final compression of 9.2:1 and a Garret T4-T04R Turbo... Will require block and lifter girdle, ALL oiling mods, TA's front cover, TA stage 1 heads, and a whole bunch more. Desktop Dyno puts it at about 750 rwhp through a Raptor 200R4 and 3.90 rear gear.... Hope so!

    That's it for today, happy!!!
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  2. evil16v

    evil16v Midwest Buick Mafia

    Glad to see your back!

    Looking good!
  3. 69GS400s

    69GS400s own amusement ride!

    Giddy-Yup !!! Glad to see progress being made again :beers2:

    ...tell that Scout to wait its turn :rant:
  4. skymangs

    skymangs Bad boys drive Buicks!

    Can't... I have a need... to... CRAWL...:TU:
  5. The Bronze

    The Bronze Well-Known Member

    Welcome home. I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures of your Skylark when you get it on the road.
  6. skymangs

    skymangs Bad boys drive Buicks!

    Looks like I should be worried if I see you on the road in this monster... I gotta clean record, Honest!!!

  7. mrfab

    mrfab New Member

    hey nice buick, she's gonna be wicked nice when she is done. but I have to say the scout II is goin to be sick!
  8. 436'd Skylark

    436'd Skylark Sweet Fancy Moses!!!!!

    Howabout a couple of scout pics. I have a scout bug too- check out my sig.
  9. skymangs

    skymangs Bad boys drive Buicks!

    Will post pics of the Scout soon. I just got the wheels in today, and got them mounted and balanced. I am waiting on the springs to arrive, then it will be all together. here is the short list.

    325/80R16 MT Baja Claws w/ Pro Comp series 97 wheels (16x10)
    Reversed shackle kit
    SOA conversion
    cut and turned front axle for proper caster
    2.5" rough country springs
    High steer kit
    D44 front and rear w/3.73 and lockers
    727 tourqeflight with Jeep output shaft and tailshaft housing)
    Jeep D300 w/terra low (4:1 low lock)
    extended travel shocks (38-40 degrees of articulation
    front axle moved forward 2" for improved spring travel
    CV driveshafts front and rear
    Totel of 9 and a half inches of lift, plus tires means that the door handles will go up 17-19 inches.

    Just a CRAWLER... thats all
  10. Legnitto_GS400

    Legnitto_GS400 Well-Known Member

    It's good to see you made it back safe, I'm looking forward to the final project. You've been doing a kickass job so far!!!:TU:
  11. The Bronze

    The Bronze Well-Known Member

    Don't worry 'bout me. My squad works street level dealers, so you really gotta be moving before I stop you. But if I do, it might just be for me to look over your Buick. :laugh:
  12. Darryl Roederer

    Darryl Roederer Life is good

    Glad to see your back.
    I'v been missing your posts, and now I'm looking forward to seeing this project finished.

    Think you could get the video camera out for the first run? I'd love to see it on you-tube! :TU:
  13. skymangs

    skymangs Bad boys drive Buicks!

    :Do No: Spose I could document it. Not sure how to use Utube, but mabey I can figure it out.
  14. 1969GS350

    1969GS350 Well-Known Member


    Trust me, if you can build that Buick, you can figure out YouTube.
  15. skymangs

    skymangs Bad boys drive Buicks!

    As requested, here are some pics of the Scout... (We call it "Ole Sarge") On the ramp over at Predator Offroad.... It pulled a 72, not aired down, just in street trim. Not too bad for a leaf spring truck.:laugh:

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  16. skymangs

    skymangs Bad boys drive Buicks!

    Oh, and I found this today in Co Springs if anyone is interested...

    It looks a little rough, but I am told it is a numbers matching 67 GS340, and that it runs... Body is really pretty solid. LF fender, bumper and grille have been replaced with 66 special stuff. Real 67GS grill is inside the car. Engine looks pretty complete minus air cleaner, has 2 speed (I am sure Dynaflow) bench seat, column shift... Dude told me he wanted $1500, but sounded like it may be flexable. Anyone interested, drop me a line or call (760) 267-0624. Hate to see a GS go to waste.


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  17. skymangs

    skymangs Bad boys drive Buicks!

    K, on the Buick front.... Got the Distributor, Alternator and Alt brackets now. Got them on, and after 4 long years in the making I am happy to say that IT LIVES!!! I am having problems getting it to idle long enough to set the timing though, I think I need to get an electric choke. Man this thing sounds sweeeeet! I will record a few minutes of run time this weekend and post the link on this thread for all you open headered big block enthusiasts.

  18. kick71

    kick71 Mike

    how bout it? sound clip?
    nice job!
  19. Bad '69

    Bad '69 Well-Known Member

    And how aboute more complete pictures? Interior and everything....this has to be my favorite 69 period.

    I would love to do this to mine and will use some of the ideas as inspiration but I will not be able to do near the work you just is incredible.

    Just AMAZING! :beer Well done. I am a new member and just read this entire 10 page thread..i counldnt stop..
  20. skymangs

    skymangs Bad boys drive Buicks!

    Thanks Mike. I wish I could devote more time and money to it right now. Been gettin my scout ready for Moab this weekend, and eating the car budget up real nicely.

    The interior is not anywhere near finished, in fact, I am thinking about completely re-vamping the plans for the interior anyway. At least the seats, they don't seem to be working out as well as I had hoped. I am working on the dash right now, it is machined aluminum with full white faced (machined bezels) gauges. Wiring is progressing slower than anticipated, and I just decieded on a new set of wheels (American racing Torq-lites in 17x8 fully polished). Will post pics shortly. I also plan to put a vid clip on U tube of the car running, but just havn't had the time.

    :Do No:

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