my 69's resurection/modification

Discussion in 'Wrenchin' Secrets' started by skymangs, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. skymangs

    skymangs Bad boys drive Buicks!

    Yup, just too much tube in to little space. let me know how it works out for ya. I'll be on the board still while I'm deployed. At least till the Army gets smart and blocks this forum too. (No ebay, Craigslist, myspace, etc. they are real NAZIs about it!)
  2. skymangs

    skymangs Bad boys drive Buicks!

    Been here in Jalalabad Afganistan for a month and a half now. All goes well, miss the Wife, Kids, and Hot Rod very much. I did get to drive the car to work 5 or 6 times before I left. Got some little bugs worked out. Now it just needs an interior, and it'll be all set. I think I'm gonna get it professionally painted too, It deserves a better paint job than I gave it.:beers2:
  3. Bad '69

    Bad '69 Well-Known Member

    Good to see your doing okay over there.

    Got the headers in...took a few dings...but should be running sooon.

    Take care and be careful.
  4. skymangs

    skymangs Bad boys drive Buicks!

    Nice, havin her on the road for the first time was INDESCRIBABLE!!! Breaking necks all through town. Love that feeling. Lady at a restraunt told me that it was a crime to let a car as beautiful as that get dirty (handn't washed it for the first time out around town yet)! Jaws drop, people slow down, LOVE DRIVING THIS THING! :bla:
  5. stage2man

    stage2man Well-Known Member

    Looks great man! You did a heck of a job. Getting some of that wet sanding grim off the fenders can be a pain. My '71 had alot of that and my 69 still has some in very hard to reach places.

    I think with the rear looks a tad high for your wheel and tire selection. I think because of the thickness in the 69 rear sail panels and the open style rims it would be killer tucked up in the tubs a bit.

    You've definitely got one of the best looking '69s out there.

    Thanks so much for your service to our country. May all '69 pilots be patroits!
  6. TODD'S 67

    TODD'S 67 Time for another Buick!

    WOW! I don't think I can count high enough to calculate the hours you have into her! Sweet ride!
  7. Ken Mild

    Ken Mild King of 18 Year Resto's

    I feel like I'm listening to myself talk. Read the caption under my avatar. :rolleyes:

    That's the way it ALWAYS starts. :Dou:

    Funny you mention the 4th. I finally was close enough that I set a goal for the 4th of this year and finally got it on the road. I've had mine since 85. I began tearing the fenders off for a "quick resto" in 1994. If I remember correctly, this is 2009. I will have to rethink my definition of "quick". :error:
  8. skymangs

    skymangs Bad boys drive Buicks!

    Thanks, I agree on the rear stance. I want to get adjustable coilovers, that way I can dial it in where I want it. I was hesitant to get 2" drop springs, cause I didn't want it to drag ass in the rear. I'm having a hard time finding bigger rear tires in 17" that have sidewall. Everything wider loses sidewall. I firmly believe that a muscle car NEEDS some sidewall for proper looks, and the rear HAS to be slightly taller than the front. If I go from a 255/45 to a 275/40, I actually lose a noticable amount of sidewall. Don't like it. Mebbe SUV tires? but they are all like 20". Won't do that. At a loss, need more meat in the back. Almost no traction right now, scary when you hit the gas, but fun!
  9. skymangs

    skymangs Bad boys drive Buicks!

    It's all worth it for 10 minutes behind the wheel!:laugh:
  10. Redness

    Redness "Reunited"

    Wicked ride man! I'm new here and just read this entire thread. Simply amazing what you did with that car. I just bought back my '69 GS and plan to bring it back from the dead. Your efforts are truly an inspiration!
  11. skymangs

    skymangs Bad boys drive Buicks!

    Thanks man, sure wish I could be home to work on it right now! It's still not done, I doubt that it will ever truely be done. I got so many projects, I can't decide which one to work on next half the time!
  12. Bad '69

    Bad '69 Well-Known Member

    Hey Skyman, what and where did you get the part for the throttle return spring you used on the front bolt of the B4B?

    I dont have one and need something to hook it to....thanks in advance:TU:
  13. skymangs

    skymangs Bad boys drive Buicks!

    Yeah, I can't remember for sure. I spend a lot of time at the Pick-n-pull here in town. Try late 80's early 90's caprice, S10, or full size trucks. Also mid eighties full sized GM have small brackets and stuff like that.
  14. Bad '69

    Bad '69 Well-Known Member

    Thanks...its amazing though that more people with the B4B dont run into this problem with a quadrajet or other....
  15. skymangs

    skymangs Bad boys drive Buicks!

    Dude, I love the stance of that car! just my .02
  16. TODD'S 67

    TODD'S 67 Time for another Buick!

    I agree! Just to hear em fire up is great! I too have many projects, a couple parts cars to tear apart, and cloning my 67 Skylark to a GS. I have a complete GS parts car though which helps!!!
  17. Woodsters

    Woodsters Woodster

    Skyman, what's up with you these days? Haven't seen you around in a while.
  18. skymangs

    skymangs Bad boys drive Buicks!

    Sorry, It's hard to get anything done on the car from Afghanistan. I've been deployed since June, won't be back till next June. Sorry. I do have an excellent painter who is going to repaint the car while I'm gone, about a shade darker in the same color.

  19. skymangs

    skymangs Bad boys drive Buicks!

    OK, back home in about three weeks now! God it's been a long year!

    Anyone have a set of buckets? Looking for 67-72, don't really care about condition or color, and headrests are optional (when I recover them I'll delete the headrests). I'm thinking about going with factory buckets and back seat to get it more complete and drivable. I'm tired of fiddling with those Regal seats, they are just too tall for the car. I'm also looking for a black non-A/C dash pad in decent shape.
  20. SpecialWagon65

    SpecialWagon65 Ted Nagel

    Welcome back!

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