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Discussion in 'Antique Automotive Service' started by Smartin, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. Smartin

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    After months of changing ideas and spots, sizes, contractors, etc...we are finally making headway on a new 35x56 pole building. It's about as big as I can go, financially and per county code for the size of my property. Trees are being cleared this week, and then another guy is coming in to build up a level pad for it. Looks to be about 500 ton of screenings to get it built up, since it sits on a slight grade toward the back. The extra $ for tree removal and pad kind of kicked my butt...but it has to be done. So here we are currently...

    First pic is of the spot before tree demo. Second and third are the last two days.

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  2. 436'd Skylark

    436'd Skylark Sweet Fancy Moses!!!!!

    Congratulations. That's a game changer!
  3. Donuts & Peelouts

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  4. taf44667

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    Adam, I’ve had 300 tons trucked out already and still have more to get rid of after they built my 40x50. It was originally sized at 64x40 but I also had to cut back due to costs.

    Looks awesome, lots of work ahead but will be worth it.
  5. telriv

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    Just the beginning of HAVING FUN!!!
  6. Taulbee2277

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  7. Smartin

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    Tree guy is done...dirt/rock guy is supposed to be here sometime this week.

    Firewood anyone?

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  8. Briz

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    When I did my 30 ' 40' addition on the back of the shop it was a 3 year project. First year to get it cleared. Paid a guy with a loader to push over the trees and get the root ball out of the ground then I cut up the brush and burned / hauled it to the back of the property. Next year saved and had the fill brought in. 9 trucks full and then I was still short so the operator dug a big hole to get the rest. Next year was the pad and then I built the structure out of scrap steel I had been collecting all along.
  9. Smartin

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    I'm way too impatient for that :D
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  10. Smartin

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    Poles are up...trusses have started to go up this afternoon...

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  11. telriv

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    Have fun & good luck there are NO problems unforeseen.
    I'm sure like the majority of us after awhile it will get to be TOO SMALL & looking for solutions as far as shelving, up above storage & an out building in the back to store STUFF you don't get to use very often & gets in the way of your daily routine.
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  12. Smartin

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  13. WQ59B

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    I'll make my usual suggestion; steel panel pole barns are hard to keep mice out of (built the way they commonly are). Usually the slab is formed with wood that will rot away over time, allowing entry between the slab & walls.

    A consideration: run a 'halo form' a few inches outside the steel so the slab pour can continue underneath and seal the steel to concrete. It might have to have some depth so frost doesn't try to lift it.
    Or you can pour a 'curb' inside sealing the slab to the walls.
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  14. bostoncat68

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    This is a great point... We saw this with the pole barn we built in the late 80s for our horse barn. Mice are a constant issue in this style construction
  15. bill lagna

    bill lagna Well-Known Member

    VERY VERY nice !!!!
    I bet there will be lots of beautiful work coming out of there .
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  16. Buicksky

    Buicksky Gold Level Contributor

    Shop Envy!! Enjoy !
  17. WQ59B

    WQ59B Well-Known Member

    I finally sealed my 24x48: poured an 'internal curb, and riveted aluminum strips to the bottom edge of the car doors, spaced up from the concrete apron by 1 washer thickness. Also replaced the bottom 12" of the rubber 'side seals' with solid PVC stock. That was in the spring and I've seen zero signs of entry since.
  18. Philip66

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    There are few things as exciting and satisfying as building a new building: house, shed, garage, addition, barn, etc. I have always loved the sights, sounds and smells of construction. Good Luck with the building and everything that will be done in it!!
  19. Smartin

    Smartin Staff Member

    Moving slowly here...

    I made shutters for all the windows...finishing the install tomorrow. Also going to get the 4- wire pulled for the electric service in the afternoon. Once I get that pulled, I can call the electric company for them to hook up to the pole and set the meter.

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  20. ohioscott

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    very nice indeed

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