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    I've been watching you guys site for months until I got the extra cash to start on my small project. My name is Tyjuan I'm out here in Greenville,NC I'm in school for Computer Networking and I do a Mobile Auto Repair on the side. I learned from the old school on tractors and trucks you name it I don't know everything but that is why I'm here. I ended up with a 1971 Buick Electra 225 four door from one of my buddies because he didn't really understand all of the repair that it needed to become running and driving which was not actually that much!!

    Before he hired me to do the repair work he had already had the Heads checked and serviced by one of the most reliable machine guys in the area, but once I told him he needed to upgrade to HEI Distributor and get those point out of there he backed out!! What a wimp, thats the first thing you do. He asked did I want to buy it. So here is the story he said $400-$500 I told him fine. Low and behold between the transaction his Daily Driver=Ford Taurus breaks down Alternator -80 and he needs help moving out of his apartment -150. So i walked away giving him about $200 cash and I own it.

    So here is what I did the other day when I had the cash to spare.
    ORiellys Parts
    Distributor $120
    Cap Cover
    Ignition Coil

    I basically pieced together my own drop in HEI unit from the parts house.
    Torqued down the rocker arm shaft and she fired right up !! To say the least.
    Now she is running and driving but won't come out of 1st gear
    Help !!!!
    My goal is to make it a cruiser I just want to light the tires up at the light every now and again and maybe light cam & stall converter.

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    Welcome and congrats on the Buick.
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    Welcome from NY.
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    Welcome from west Michigan. Before you start cruising, I'd get a shroud on the radiator. Be careful with that broken hinge. I would hate to hear that pipe slipped and you became a Tyjuan sandwich! You'll find lots of help on here with parts and advice.
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    Yes I'm going to the local wrecking yard to see if I can find some hinges I dont want to become a sandwich in there !!
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    Did you remove the factory resistor wire for the points ignition?
    The HEI unit needs at least 12 V.

    Please put your name in your signature, we are all here on a friendly first name base :TU:

    And while you are at it: Put yourself on the V8Buick board members map of the world :beer


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