No HEAT!!! im dying...

Discussion in 'The Big Chill' started by thapachuco, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. 70aqua_custom

    70aqua_custom Well-Known Member

    the coolant flows from the intake manfold, to the heater core, then to the water pump but this is irrelevant information. This thread reminds me of an old NIKE slogan... "JUST DO IT!" This is literally a five minute fix, and that's if you take your time. You can do it! :TU: ... and the if the title of the thread was true, you'ld have died long ago
  2. thapachuco

    thapachuco Well-Known Member

    HA. LOL. im rollin' over here. Yea im going to do it today, its gettin pretty cold here in san jose, and i hate having to drive with my head hanging out the window to see. youve convinced me.
  3. thapachuco

    thapachuco Well-Known Member

    problem solved. Thank you to everyone that helped. I have a temp manula vlalve pipe installed but i have to wait now until the pipe store opens so that i can get everyhint to the proper level of the hose. right now the hose is getting pinched on itself. thanks again!
  4. eagleeyetoday

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    I have been following your posting. You have be getting good advice. Let us know if the problem really gets fixed. If so, great! If not, I will tell you what caused my "no Heat" problem on my 1969 LeSabre. Good Luck! :TU:
  5. 70aqua_custom

    70aqua_custom Well-Known Member

    :beer :TU:
  6. thapachuco

    thapachuco Well-Known Member

    now that ive changed out the vacuum valve for a manual one, it seems as though the engine runs hotter....

    could this be because the manual valve is restricting the water flow? the manual opening is not as wide as the diaphragm valve opening.

    any suggestions?
  7. 70aqua_custom

    70aqua_custom Well-Known Member

    No. The old valve was closed, right? If anything it would run cooler with the heat removed at the heater core. Is the cooling system full of coolant? You might have introduced an air pocket into the system. This will most likely go away after running it. Recheck the coolant level. The only way to be sure of engine temp is with a gauge but if you haven't had heating problems before I'm sure you'll be fine.
  8. thapachuco

    thapachuco Well-Known Member

    thats exactly what i thought that the engine would run cooler. i did fill the radiator full of coolant today, it was a little low, not much though.

    my gauge used to run smooth 180 all day now in drive at a stop light it creeps up to 200+, im just worried its going to continue to rise. It aint sitting well with me you know, just because it used to run cooler and now its not.

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