Power/Alt/Starter Question 455 1972

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  1. deandre791

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    Ok Guys I'm new to this site and I have been using it for the last couple of days and you guys have alot of great info up here. Okay I will repost in different section if need be but here it goes 1972 Buick Electra Sedan 455. My buddy was gonna scrap her because of various things dealing with other mechanics and I told him bring it on over (I did a little tinkering on my 1963 Impala). But I am no where near a mechanic more of a read about it, do it with directions type of guy.

    Had it running without alt hooked up because every time i hooked it up kept grounding out the system
    This burned about 2-3 Ignition Coils now I am here for help

    I need to know what goes where on the Alt and the wires going to down the tunnel to the starter, the picture going down tunnel im sure the small blue or green wire is to the oil pressure switch beside the oil pump. And I know the (+)Coil goes to the "Run" position on starter.

    Last picture is the hacked wiring on top of the intake I'm pretty sure I can figure this out and run some new clean stuff

    buick1.jpg buick2.jpg buick3.jpg
  2. stellar

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    1 positive post 2 threaded for mounting bracket if used (some alts don't use it and some alts don't even have this mount. 3 neg post ( sometimes used and sometimes not since the ground is made through the alt case. It looks like you will be needing another alt or have that one repaired.
  3. deandre791

    deandre791 Member

    thanks stellar I had the alternator & starter bench tested at OReilly so I'm guessing I need to check the wires going to the starter. any other information regarding wiring on this would be a big help.
  4. 65specialconver

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    How did they test it with the insulators missing?
  5. deandre791

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    if you hold it upside down/up the little studs will fall through I'm just now figuring this out so if you screw a nut on tight it moves and touches the case. So basically I'm going to the store to get an Alt. and now im pretty sure I have no fire to the points So I'll be back for more help later if I can't get it.

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