Who's going to Vegas for W. Coast Nats in October?

Discussion in 'Other Buick Events' started by NOTNSS, Feb 23, 2003.


Odds you will attend the Buick West Coast Nationals in Las Vegas - Oct. 3-4, 2003?

  1. 100% - If I still have a pulse.

    13 vote(s)
  2. 80% - Looking Good.

    5 vote(s)
  3. 50/50 - Hmmm...

    6 vote(s)
  4. 30% - Slim chance but I'm pondering.

    2 vote(s)
  5. 0% - When Fords Fly

    2 vote(s)
  1. Electra Dave

    Electra Dave Active Member

    Re: Class

    Thats what I figured. Thanks.
  2. chris lee

    chris lee Gold Level Contributor

    west coast nat's

    just to add my 2 cents...my self and my brother are coming to
    vegas also..i will be bringing my 70 gs..runs 11.50's and pretty
    good bracket car..my brother will be bringing his 65 skylark
    with v6 turbo..runs high 10"s...

    chris lee
  3. dryskip

    dryskip Mid-life Crisis Victim

    Pretty good bracket car

    Yeah, Chris...like daVinci was a pretty good painter!:bglasses:

    NOTNSS Gold Level Contributor

    Looks like we'll double the non-turbo (V8) participation from last year. That is GREAT news! I for one am looking forward to seeing and hearing some FAST BBB power. Hopefully we can double it every year for a few.
  5. Nitro71455

    Nitro71455 Procharged 455 boost baby

    I'm still shooting for it Gary. Currently my motor and trany are apart :eek2: :eek2: I'll be thrashing to get it all back together......... Cross your fingers that it goes back simi smooth anyway..... it would take something pretty major to keep me from making it.
  6. BuickGS65

    BuickGS65 '65 Skylark/GS Enthusiast

    Not racing, but I'll be there!:TU:
  7. bballsam

    bballsam SoCal Gran Sports

    Ok Chris--

    Hi Chris, "Very Few" will be
    there, and I'm not settling
    for 2nd place!! See ya in LV-
  8. chris lee

    chris lee Gold Level Contributor


    hey sam..thats ok...i'd be happy 2nd..3rd or 4th..anything.....
  9. granatl

    granatl Member

    This year's shirt design can be seen by clicking here
  10. Nitro71455

    Nitro71455 Procharged 455 boost baby

    Cool Shirt Jack..... can't wait to get mine :grin:
  11. granatl

    granatl Member

    I made a slideshow of the pictures that I took. Most were taken before noon yesterday.
    Go to the West Coast Nationals page, and then click on the SLIDESHOW oval at the left. There's about 115 pictures in all, and will take at least 15 minutes to show all of them.
    If others would like to ship me their pictures & videos, I'd appreciate it.
  12. Bruce Hunter

    Bruce Hunter Well-Known Member

    event shirts

    Jack, if there are any shirts and or sweatshirts left over from the event will they be for sale at some point? was not able to get there this year, and John Schmidt has been raggin on me since I bowed out of the trip.

    Thanks, Bruce
  13. granatl

    granatl Member

    Sorry, we ran out of T-shirts around noon, and sweatshirts at the end of the day.
    We like not having left overs and all, but we definitely should've ordered a whole lot more this year. We of course count those that pre-order, and then add a percentage on top as a SWAG to cover the demand at the show. We will use a bigger % in the future.
  14. granatl

    granatl Member

    I'd appreciate it if all would go to the SMACK board off the West Coast Nationals home page, and vote for next year's payouts.

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