1969 Buick Skylark Custom swap from 350 to 455.
He grew up watching me spend time with my '71 Skylark and always knew she was my dream car... I'm still wow'ed by it! -MIG
Just an on going 15 year project with more changes coming soon.
My wife and I picked this up as a gift to each other a few weeks after our wedding in July of 2018.
Third owner, 56,000 original miles, factory paint and interior. Transplanted powertrain from an '87 Grand National - 3.8L SFI turbo V6, TH2004R trans. Ron Francis engine management with stock ECM. Running 15psi boost on pump gas (93 octane).
430 torn apart hadn’t to clean it all. The clblick is good I cud not even hear that bent rod while it was running but I got it out and I checked the lifters still good shape all of them
My 1970 “race car” skylark