Ready for debut after 3 long years of restoration. Sold new at Hansen Buick West New York, New Jersey
Big block buick swap into 79 Corvette
Series 4637 2-dr hardtop. Originally 401 / TwinTurbine Dynaflow/ TorqueTube/ Buick 3.23 axle. On it's way to being a 455 T/A Stage II / TH400 / Dana 60 3.73.
1963 LeSabre, dual quad 425, custom fabricated air suspension, 20" Billet Specialties wheels, factory Rose Mist color, factory interior.
1967 Skylark progressing
This Pontiac has a 425 nailhead with a aftermarket TKO 500 transmission. I have blown up the rear end 4 times. It has been my daily driver for for almost 2 years. Drove it to Bonneville Salt Flats in 2016.
I'm 17 and I daily drive my 1966 Electra. Engine I'd the 401 nail head and the trans is a 3 spd auto. I don't know what it is exactly. When i got it the car had 38,851 miles. It now has 42,234. The car had been in the family so those are real miles.