1970 Sherwood Green Stage 1 restoration

Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by priariecanary, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. dl7265

    dl7265 No car then Mopar

    The fan was galvanized , but no way to press a new one. So we do the fan and pulley in clear zinc.
  2. Rich Johns

    Rich Johns Platinum Level Contributor

    Pully is plated clear zinc.
    Bring it along with pully nut and I will glass bead and replate them along with the rest of your fasteners.
  3. Tom Nesser

    Tom Nesser Well-Known Member

    Looks like you’re in the home stretch! I just bought back my 70 Sherwood Green Stage 1 4-speed! Been napping in a barn for 33 years ... crazy chance find! My first car - owned it from 74-79. I’ll be looking through your pics as I get busy bringing mine back to life! Seller included a NOS 70 Stage 1 cam still in the GM box.

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  4. JOE RIV 1

    JOE RIV 1 Well-Known Member

    very nice!!
  5. priariecanary

    priariecanary Stacey

    Nice find! I would get it on the road as-is if I were you.
  6. priariecanary

    priariecanary Stacey

    Just got back from Canada. I picked up a bunch of parts that I had ordered from Todd at Die Cast Muscle cars on the way. If I take the parts to Canada I don't have to pay any import duty/Canadian tax so it makes sense to do at least one trip a year. I saw Rich and my car and dropped off the parts including rear bumper, interior and wiring parts, NOS front turn signals and a few other items.

    I still need a date code correct (fall of 1969) starter! If anyone has one let me know. I posted a separate WTB thread on that one.

    The body is ready for final wet sanding and then paint. I would hesitate to say we are in the home stretch because there is so much reassembly to do but it will be nice to see paint on the car!

    The worst part about the trip was being stuck behind left-lane zombies on the long drive back. Usually it was someone plodding along in the left lane on the phone, looking at their phone, or just staring out the windshield with a two handed death-grip on the steering wheel. If you aren't passing, get in the right lane!
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  7. Tom Nesser

    Tom Nesser Well-Known Member

    Too Late!

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  8. priariecanary

    priariecanary Stacey

    Detailed driveshaft pic. The discoloration from the weld in the heated affected zone on the drive shaft is airbrushed in. Everything you see is painted to look like Day 1.

    . IMG_2264.JPG
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  9. BYoung

    BYoung Stage me

    Been hoping for some updates.
  10. Tom Nesser

    Tom Nesser Well-Known Member

    So many details to attend to, I feel your pain .... Can’t wait to see the finished Sherwood Green paint job!
  11. priariecanary

    priariecanary Stacey

    Here's the radiator after restoration. The tanks were removed, dollied and bodyworked to fix any dents then the whole thing was recored and painted with the correct gloss paint.

    IMG_2195.jpg IMG_2197.jpg
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  12. Dano

    Dano Platinum Level Contributor

    Not to hijack Stacey's thread (Sorry, hopefully you'll start one on yours), but I've had 3 Sherwood Green '70 Stage 1 4-sp.'s (one brown vinyl top/dark saddle buckets, one green vinyl/pearl white buckets & the other I bought for the shell as that's all that was left and IIRC is was a green vinyl top). I still have the green/pearl white car. Looks like yours has no vinyl top/pearl white interior? I'd prefer mine didn't have the vinyl, but saw a pic of one and it actually looks really good - My old '70 350 4-sp. was solid Sherwood w/green interior and my current '70 350 4sp. is Seamist w/a Sherwood painted top/black deluxe straight bench (oddest one of all - colors and options). Popular color - I wonder out of the 600+ Stage 1 4sp.'s how many were Sherwood.

    Been following Stacey's thread since the beginning - Really looking good. Can't wait (not as much as you) to see that Sherwood Green beauty get some color! You must be getting pretty excited.
  13. priariecanary

    priariecanary Stacey

    [QUOTE="... my current '70 350 4sp. is Seamist w/a Sherwood painted top/black deluxe straight bench (oddest one of all - colors and options)[/QUOTE]

    Wait, was that car painted that way from the factory? Seamist on the bottom and Sherwood on the top? Please post a picture I want to see what that combo looks like. I guess I didn't know that was even possible to order.
  14. priariecanary

    priariecanary Stacey

    More parts bodyworked, painted and ready to go:
    IMG_2371.jpg IMG_2535.jpg IMG_E2541.jpg
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  15. alain

    alain Well-Known Member

    :)AWESOME AWESOME restoration should be OUTSTANDING when done
    1971 Stage 1 silver fern
  16. hugger

    hugger Well-Known Member

    That's the wrong power steering pump for a 70 is it not? That style wasn't used till 71 best of my knowledge,..I see the shaft of another one poking out in the corner,.maybe it's the correct one?
  17. priariecanary

    priariecanary Stacey

    Good catch - Rich has parts from 4 cars going through paint all at once. It's like a restoration assembly line. Some of the pictures he sent include the other parts. I will have to go back and look see If I grabbed the correct shot. If it's a '71 pump, he would have caught that, told me, and I would be here on the board posting for the correct one.
  18. priariecanary

    priariecanary Stacey

    There's my pump on the left.

  19. Dano

    Dano Platinum Level Contributor

    Wait, was that car painted that way from the factory? Seamist on the bottom and Sherwood on the top? Please post a picture I want to see what that combo looks like. I guess I didn't know that was even possible to order.[/QUOTE]
    Crazy but yes, factory color combo. Super oddball car in many ways. Black bench custom (i.e. Skylark type) interior and only options are gauges/tach, 4-sp., posi w/perf. ratio, trailer tow (which got it an SCO 3.64 rear), AM radio, tinted windshield (only) and of all things deluxe steering wheel, deluxe wheelcovers, G78-14 whitewalls, and remote mirror. I'm not sure that the perf. axle ratio option was necessary as I think the trailer tow by itself would've received the 3.64 regardless but the posi would've been required since there was no open 3.64. The assembly manual is clear as mud but regardless it was quite possibly the only '70 350 that came with a 3.64 and between that (350's respond exceptionally well to gears), the light weight (no PS or AC, manual brakes, straight bench) and the '70 HP, arguably the quickest factory GS 350 ever made. Only other thing would've helped would've been HD cooling to get the clutch fan.

    It's basket case (I affectionately have referred to it as a collection of parts with a VIN) but there is a place where the orig. paint is still there and the trim tag proves it and although it is a recommended color combo on the '70 order form, it has the "Z" on the trim tag indicating a non-recommended color combo, which I've discussed with Rich and I believe it was him or Jim Jones (who also has a "Z" car) that thought the Z could indicate other oddities. Maybe the tag before this one had a Z and the guy at Fisher just forgot to take it out. Oddly, the painted roof didn't show up on the Wayne Roberts report which kinda stumped Wayne. He surmised that it was a clerical error and was never invoiced to the dealer, which was a one that oddly was apparently only in business for a few years.

    I couldn't even picture the color combo done in my head, but I have a few pics from car shows where there was a Sherwood car parked next to a Seamist car so I was able to see what it would look like and I think it will be really neat looking (or at least really unique:)). I'm not personally crazy about chrome wheels on Seamist cars and really, the only way I've been able to picture the car in my head is with the deluxe (volcano) wheelcovers although I'm going to add red lines which I think will really look good. Only other additions I forsee are adding the HD cooling option and BB alum. front drums. I'm inclined to ditch the remote mirror (maybe?) and the radio as I always wanted a factory non-radio option car and I can't imagine a more fitting one. I'm pretty sure I'll also add a dealer-installed right side mirror too as I like them (I already have one for it) & it would kinda fit in with the trailer tow.

    It'll be a losing proposition but I just have to do the car as after not wanting to sell my old 350 4-sp., which was already an oddball, I never thought I'd find an even stranger one. Fortunately I happen to really like green cars plus I have a thing for manual steering/stripper GS's, 350 4-sp.'s and oddball stuff & this one scratches all those itches so I was super excited to get the car and honestly I'm probably more excited about it than my Stage 1 4-sp. (Sherwood/Green vinyl/pearl white) but it'll be really neat if I can get them both done as they'd be two completely different two-tone green '70 GS 4-sp. manual steering strippers.

    Only thing I can figure is that either someone knew exactly what they were ordering (on the WR it also didn't show as a "sold" car but there's no way a dealer ordered this for stock) and wanted a fast GS 350 or someone wanted a Skylark to tow their trailer and had to have a floor shift &/or 4-sp. so they had to get a GS. I wish I knew that story.

    I'll post some pics - My phone died and I haven't restored all the pics from backup yet, but I'm glad you noticed. I'm not sure many would find this strange combo too interesting.
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  20. priariecanary

    priariecanary Stacey

    Dano - that is a special car. Lots of unusual option combinations! I am looking forward to seeing some photos.

    By the way my car has the same window configuration - tinted windshield and standard glass everywhere else.

    On that subject - Rich sent me the date codes so I can order new glass. For all those that care about date codes, my car has the following:

    The car was built in the first week of December of 1969.

    Door glass date code = CV-4 which is November, 1969. I think the -4 part of the date code means forth week of the month?
    Rear quarter window date code = YV which is October, 1969.
    Rear window is AV = September, 1969
    Windshield was missing when I bought the car so I have no idea when it was produced. I have read online that the front and rear glass tends to be 30 days before the build date of the car which would mean a date code of CV for the windshield. My rear glass is 3 months older than the car so I may just go with that instead, which would be a date code of AV.

    Does anyone have a fall, 1969 Flint-built car with the original windshield? If so, please post the build date of the car along with the date code of the windshield. I might follow suit with my date codes for the windshield.

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