1970 Sherwood Green Stage 1 restoration

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  1. priariecanary

    priariecanary Stacey

    The place in Minnesota that I planned to order the glass from doesn't have a clear back glass - I may have to switch to all tinted if I can't find one. Anyone know of a place that sells clear back glass?
  2. Dano

    Dano Platinum Level Contributor

    I'm going to need a piece of clear back glass too - Used is the only way afaik. Never had this happen before but apparently not too uncommon - It blew out hauling the car home. Fortunately was a very late night trip so no traffic.

    I'll check to see if my Stage 1 has orig. windshield (10E body) or maybe the Skylark shell - Not sure its date.

    Here's a couple pics. I really couldn't picture what it was going to look like until Pat send the pic of his Skylark. It had a green vinyl top so I thought that might help, but was faded as most are (They were originally as dark as Sherwood) but it happened to be parked next to a Sherwood car and that little sliver where the 2 colors are side by side was the 1st time I got a vision of what it would look like & was sold. Thought I had one of the trim tag on my phone. I'll post that too. Definitely an odd car.

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  3. hvramesq

    hvramesq Silver Level contributor

    if it helps here are pics of my rear window. my
    70gs455 was delivered on November 12, 1969.
    20190827_173429.jpg 20190827_173429.jpg 20190827_173429.jpg
  4. hvramesq

    hvramesq Silver Level contributor

    quarter glass

  5. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP


    The ONLY place you should be buying glass from for the top flight car your doing, is Pinkington Classics out in PA... they have the patterns for all the glass. The rear glass was an issue for years, everyone was selling us the Chevelle rear, but it was not the same.. a very slight curvature issue. When I complained about this, the rep I was working with was excited for me to send him an original 70-72 back glass, and they sent me a perfect piece back.. dropped right in and fit like a glove.

    They will also date code all the glass for you, with the original LOF logo and dates of your choice, for an extra charge. Back when I bought them, in the mid 2000's I had my choice of clear or AC tint glass, for everything but the windshield.

    DO NOT by the ACC windshield, the tint bar is not close to being correct..

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  6. mrolds69

    mrolds69 "The Cure"

    X2-what Jim said...try Pilkington, Stacey.
  7. priariecanary

    priariecanary Stacey

    I will give Pilkington a call today. Thanks for the advice guys.
  8. Dano

    Dano Platinum Level Contributor

    Here you go - 11C Flint Body. If you need the orig. hi-res shot, PM me your email addy 2019-08-28 13.52.17.jpg
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  9. priariecanary

    priariecanary Stacey

    Where is the date code located on the windshield?

    Also, is it stenciled on the inside of the windshield and reads from the outside or is the stencil on the outside of the glass and reads from the outside or some other combination? Dano if I am orienting correctly on your photo it looks like the stencil is on the outside of the windshield glass but is oriented to read from the inside of the car?

    Plinkington needs all that info to date code it properly.

    Thanks for the help.
  10. Dano

    Dano Platinum Level Contributor

    This pic was taken from the outside on the pass. side. (So yes, you could read it from inside the car). I could be wrong, but I thought I'd seen them oriented differently.

    I'll have to check the stencil tonight and I'll look @ my '71 Flint car that has it's original windshield too for the orientation.
  11. Dano

    Dano Platinum Level Contributor

    The stencil/etching is on the pic I posted is on the outside.

    Interestingly, my '71 Flint car is in the same location & also on the outside but facing the opposite direction and is PPG instead of LOF (LOF was a Ford Co. IIRC).

    Maybe @Duane will chime in or some others with original '70 Flint body windshields. I'm pretty sure there have been other threads on this subject over the years on here as well.
  12. priariecanary

    priariecanary Stacey


    Rich is looking for matching Sherwood Green paint so we must be getting close painting time. Sample is below:


    The new glass arrived at the local Pilkington shipping depot. I need to pick it up this week. They no longer make all clear glass so I had to order soft-ray tinted all around.

    I am still rounding up parts. There is an amazing number of little things that require replacement or refurbishment in a full restoration like this. Rich is focused on the bodywork and detailing all the sub assemblies while I hunt for parts. I have also farmed out some of the pieces like master cylinder rebuild and steering wheel restoration so Rich doesn't have to mess with those items. A partial list of what I have bought or located for this car is below:

    Electrical parts
    Engine harness (Auto & AC)
    Dash harness (Console/Dash gauges)
    Forward light harness
    Intermediate harness
    Rear light harness
    AC wire harness
    Fuel tank sending unit wire
    Tachometer harness (ignition coil side)
    Spark plug wire set (3-Q-69 date code)
    New battery positive cable (DO NOT USE - SEE NOS PART BELOW)
    NOS battery cable with block
    Battery negative cable
    Dome light switch - driver’s side
    Dome light switch - passenger side
    Engine ground strap
    Ignition switch block
    Turn signal switch (probably not needed - should already be in rebuilt steering column)
    Rebuilt 1100774 alternator (9O29 date code - needs detail plating on fan, bolts, and pulley)
    Used 1108435 date code 9L24 starter for parts
    Used 1971 date code 5F18 starter for parts
    Original remanufactured starter that came with car

    Exterior and door sill trim parts
    NOS wheel well moldings (4 pieces, unpolished)
    All exterior trim (All pieces are used Buick parts and have been polished or chromed as required)
    Trunk lid trim (3 pieces)
    Vinyl top molding (5 pieces)
    Drip rail molding (6 pieces)
    Windshield base molding (1 piece)
    Windshield trim molding (4 pieces)
    Rear edge of hood molding (3 pieces)
    Rear window molding (3 pieces)
    NOS front hood molding
    NOS GS Grill
    NOS door sill plates (left and right)
    NOS non-remote tri-shield mirror (missing mounting parts and gasket, may need to have new mirror glass installed)
    NOS chrome grill surround (3 pieces)
    Reproduction rocker panel molding (2 pieces, needs paint stripe)
    Mounting hardware for rocker panel molding

    Bumper parts
    NOS front bumper fillers
    Original Rear bumper (DO NOT USE)
    Straightened and rechromed rear bumper
    NOS front bumper (scratched will need to be re-chromed)

    Reproduction T-3 headlight bulbs (4 pieces)
    NOS taillight lenses (left and right)
    NOS taillight housings (left and right)
    NOS Marker lights (4 pieces)
    NOS license plate light
    NOS Headlight doors
    Used front turn signals (2 pieces DO NOT USE)
    NOS front turn signals (2 pieces)

    NOS GS fender emblems (2 pieces)
    NOS front GS emblem
    NOS trunk GS emblem
    NOS rear BUICK bumper emblem
    Used wide-pin Stage 1 fender emblems (2 pieces)

    Interior parts
    Reproduction Disc Brake pedal pad
    NOS ash tray assembly
    Used black AC kick panels (DO NOT USE - USE REPRODUCTIONS INSTEAD)
    NOS cigarette lighter
    Reproduction black AC kick panels
    NOS chrome shifter horseshoe
    2 used armrest bases (long style, wrong color) This is in addition to the bases that came with the car
    2 Original armrest bases
    Used black armrest pads
    Used black AC dash pad
    Restored 8-track player with wire harness and mounting bracket
    Refurbished 1970 Deluxe black steering wheel including horn pad
    Restored console (combine with original console and use best parts from either)
    Original console
    Restored shifter assembly with woodgrain handle (please have the assembly re-plated it is currently painted)
    Original shifter assembly with woodgrain handle
    Refurbished AM-only Sonomatic radio
    Original gage cluster with pointed lenses
    Original radio bezel
    Original seat belts. Need to be refurbished.
    Misc interior parts including seats that came with car.

    Interior parts are all from Legendary/Diecast Musclecars
    Front door panel assemblies
    Rear door panel assemblies
    Front bucket seat upholstery
    Rear bench seat upholstery
    Black Levant vinyl top
    Headliner insulation
    Armrest pads for long armrest bases
    Package tray
    Aqua 14 inch spare tire cover
    Glove box with air
    Window sweep kit (all 4 windows)
    Sun visors
    Ashwell covers
    Hood insulation pads
    Front bucket seat foam kit
    Rear bench seat foam kit
    Bucket seat headrests
    Black loop carpet set (automatic)
    A/C kick panels
    Bucket seat seat backs
    Bucket seat seat bases
    Roof rail weather stripping
    Door weather stripping
    Armrest covers
    Sail panel boards
    Aqua die cut trunk mat
    Bucket seat upholstery installation kit
    Kick panel carpet W/ A/C
    Headrest lock assembly (enough for both seats)
    Firewall insulation with A/C
    Rear ashtrays (2)
    Rear arm well cover installation kit
    Seat back release button (2)
    Hood pad insulation
    Trunk divider
    Steering column cover
    Door water shields
    Quarter window weather stripping
    Rear speaker covers (2)
    Under dash insulation
    Chrome sun visor support bracket (2)
    Door lock seals
    Trunk divider jute insulation
    Bucket seat chrome trim
    Package tray jute insulation
    Hood to cowl seal
    Bucket seat base trim
    Headliner bow retaining clips
    Brake pad bezel
    Dome light bezel
    Dome light lens
    Right hand chrome door handle
    Left hand chrome door handle
    Chrome door lock buttons
    Steering column body seal
    Door panel clips/screws
    Plastic door panel clip retainers
    Seat back bumpers
    Bucket seat chrome knob (2)
    Window crank handles w/black knob (4)
    Accelerator pedal bezel
    Kick panel insulation
    Seat stretch panel board (2)
    Armrest base screw set
    Hog rings
    Parking brake bezel
    Headliner retaining clips
    Window crank springs (4)
    Window crank washers (4)
    Door lock ferule (2)
    Hood panel clips (not sure qty, need enough for entire car)
    Door handle retaining clip (4)
    DCM-INTKIT-A/C-AFS-BU-CPE Interior fastener kit

    Under-hood parts
    NOS washer bottle
    NOS clear top radiator overflow tank
    Reproduction GS club embossed GS455 and Stage 1 air cleaner decals (2 of each)
    Original fan shroud (needs small repair)
    Used plastic radiator top plate
    Original GS air cleaner assembly including seal plates and hood grills
    Used plastic air cleaner hot air elbow
    Complete original AC system (needs to be rebuilt)
    Reproduction air cleaner support
    Reproduction air cleaner foam seals (2 pieces)

    New Stage 1 fuel pump

    5 extra 14 inch Super Sport wheels including 4 trim rings and 4 center caps. This in addition to the 4 wheels the came with the car. Please use the best, most date code correct wheels out of all 9.
    4 original super sport wheels
    Reproduction center caps (4 pieces)
    Reproduction lug nuts (20 pieces)

    Body parts
    NOS passenger fender (already on the car)
    Extra used passenger fender (rusty - do not use)
    NOS passenger quarter panel (already on car)
    Used Driver front fender (already on car)
    Used 1971 core support
    Original core support (too rusty to use)
    Reproduction passenger side inner fender (already on car, I think you purchased this from the Parts Place?)
    Drivers side inner fender (incorrect 1972 part, DO NOT USE)
    Driver’s side inner fender (supplied by Pure Stock, already on car)

    Trunk parts
    Complete jack assembly with sleeve, bumper bracket, jack, base, and lug nut wrench
    NOS accessory trunk release kit
    NOS trunk seal

    Engine/Driveline parts
    Original OO rear end (already on car)
    Rebuilt stage 1 engine with reproduction chrome valve covers (rebuilt by JW, needs paint)
    Rebuilt BB transmission (rebuilt by JW)
    Pair used exhaust manifolds
    Exhaust manifold bolts
    Rebuilt Stage 1 distributor with single wire electronic ignition
    Rebuilt Stage 1 carburetor
    Flex plate
    Flex plate bolts
    Transmission bell housing bolts
    Original engine oil dipstick

    Brake Parts
    Re-sleeved/rebuilt “EA” Disc brake master cylinder with lid and bails
    Original brake booster - use date coded back half
    Extra brake booster - use front half

    Parts needed, not on order yet or not delivered yet
    Glass - new, date coded - all soft-ray
    Rear metal seat base and back
    Seat belts
    Lower grill filler
    Die cast air cleaner intake grills
    Ignition lock cylinder
    Exterior door handles
    Non-remote rear view mirror mounting parts
    Headrests shields
    Date code correct starter
    Bumper bolt kits
    Reproduction radio bezel
    Reproduction dash bezel
    Floor mats
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  13. alain

    alain Well-Known Member

    :)It takes just a few parts for a complet restoration and everything is cheap or free
    This is just a joke not written to offend anybody
  14. priariecanary

    priariecanary Stacey

    I have yet to come across the free part...
  15. alain

    alain Well-Known Member

    :)Nothing free you go all in to the best of your ability and knowledge .That is what I do
    There is always somebody that will do it better down the road.
  16. NZ GS 400

    NZ GS 400 Gold Level Contributor

    Nice list Stacey. It's a help to me as I can check my stuff against yours and see if I have overlooked anything, even though my care is a 67.
    I sure like that paint color!
  17. Brian Albrecht

    Brian Albrecht Gold Level Monkey


    Beautiful spray out :D
  18. Brian Albrecht

    Brian Albrecht Gold Level Monkey

    One would expect this comment from Mr. Green :D
  19. NZ GS 400

    NZ GS 400 Gold Level Contributor

    Well, I am a little bit flexible in my color preferences. My car is Shadow Turquoise!
  20. priariecanary

    priariecanary Stacey


    IMG_3679.jpeg IMG_3681.jpeg IMG_3688.jpeg IMG_3690.jpeg

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