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Discussion in 'Pro-Touring' started by Zoomin, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. Zoomin

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    I bought this car a little over a year ago at the Goodguys Ft Worth. I passed by and it was one of those instances where she just called out to me - you know how that goes. The story was she had been in the same family since new, and by all appearances she had been gently used. I mean, how can you abuse a 301ci with a 2 bbl carb, lol? The plan for this car has evolved, which is always the case with my projects. My original thoughts were to clean her up a bit and use her as a daily driver on weekends. That changed after I spent some time driving it and thought how nice it would be if the ride could be firmed up a bit, and let me tell you the UMI rear control arms and Hotchkis shocks and sways made a world of difference. Then I detailed the mighty 301, rebuilt the carb and gave her a complete tune up hoping for a similar upgrade in performance. Not so much.:eek:

    I really was conflicted about keeping her more or less stock since she had survived 47 years without molestation, but on the other hand she was handling so good the engine was the only thing from her really being enjoyable to drive. More on that later.

    Here's how she looked at Goodguys the day I bought her.


    And here's a few more after I got home....



  2. darkstar02496

    darkstar02496 LT1 into .....everything

    Look forward to your progress. Any ideas on what engine you'll be using?
  3. Zoomin

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    Then a funny thing happened when I left her outside one night and it rained just a bit.....


    I say funny, but I was pretty pissed at the time. I've never seen clear shed off like this. And I've done Earl Shieb and Maaco before. :af:

    That happened to the hood and trunk also. I power washed a lot of the clear off, but it continued to curl up and fall off like a freaking reptile until it was finally gone.

    I bought her some new shoes to kind of perk her up a bit. As a daily driver, I wasn't really all that concerned about the paint, but she sure wasn't looking as sharp. I still get tons of compliments on her at gas stops and such.


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    ls1 / 4l60e

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    Here's a pic showing the difference in size between the original front and new Hotchkis piece.


    New shocks, springs and sway on the back....


    Another overall look...


    Behold the mighty 301....


    The air blows cold, anyway.
  4. GS Jim

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    Beautiful Car Man. But don't underestimate the little 300. My '65 had a 355 and after I got done with it, it could really haul the mail. Ask a few chebby 350 Chevelle guys. Find a 4 Brl intake, port the heads and exhaust manifolds and watch out. I just hate the thought of a Chebby engine in a Buick. But to each his own. And yes, the ls1 would be faster. And it's getting harder every day to find parts for Buick Engines. But I just push on looking. I had my 300 maxed out so I dropped in a Buick 350. I did the same thing to my 350 that I did to my 300. OOH Baby. Now it'll eat my GS. Cant have that. So here goes my GS. I have to start on IT. :grin:

  5. philbquick

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    Nice car! Clear coat peals like that when they wait too long between the last base coat and the first clear coat. I've always liked 300s. My first Buick was a 64 special , 300 three speed, a month later it was a 4 speed. All I ever did to the engine was put a curve kit in the distributor. I beat many a Mustang with that car, with a 2 barrel. It tipped the scale at 2,900 lbs since it had aluminum heads and intake.
  6. Zoomin

    Zoomin Skylark Pilot

    Believe me, I understand the keep it all Buick sentiment. I looked for a 4bbl intake with no success and even if I did find one I'd have to cam it, and then I'd want to rebuild the sucker. Before you know it I'd be upside down and still looking for power.

    I considered a 455 and even a GN V6, but for the money, weight and power the LS is tough to beat. I'm going to do Buick some homage though - it won't say Corvette or Camaro anywhere. :cool:
  7. nekkidhillbilly

    nekkidhillbilly post whore

    350 and 2004r would be your easiest swap and cheapest. all would bolt in no changes. Would prob have more bottom end than a ls1.
  8. GS Jim

    GS Jim Platinum Level Contributor

    The Nekkid Man is Right. My 300 didn't like 4th Lockup. Not enough bottom end. 3:55 gears. I don't have that problem with my 350. Lotso Bottom end. And yes, It dropped right in.

  9. philbquick

    philbquick Founders Club Member

    I'd go with the GN option. Your gas mileage will be in the mid to high 20s. You may get into the mid 20s with the LS set-up. Any larger Buick engine will put you in the mid teens. Of course, not everyone cares about MPG. My 64 Special got around 21 MPG. I blew-up the 300 and put a 340 in and my mileage went to 17 so I imagine a 350 would be about the same and a 400/455 would be worse. My GN gets a solid 27 MPG and a "G" body weights more then an "A" body.
  10. wkillgs

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    Great looking car! I'm a big fan of the blue/blue combo. Saw your thread over at the truck board, kinda bummed you changed it, but you did a fantastic job.
    Mine's code D, Astro Blue. I've had this car since '82:
  11. Zoomin

    Zoomin Skylark Pilot


    The decision to change from blue did not come easy. I keep saying that, yet I wind up changing stuff all the time. Some of that I owe to different opportunities presenting themselves.

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    Apart she comes...




  12. Buick Power

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    If you are going to sell the take off parts, I would be interested in all of the Air conditioning parts that were under the hood including the compressor and engine brackets for it. Let me know. Thanks, Dave
  13. Stg'd 2Discover

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  14. 66BulldogGS

    66BulldogGS Platinum Level Contributor

    Good stuff! Keep us posted. That little Skylark is going to send some unsuspecting boys home to cry to Momma.

    Those Buick Road Wheels you took off, were those 14's or 15's? If they are 14's and you are looking to get rid of them let me know, I may want to take them off your hands depending on what they are. Especially if they are the correct backspacing for '66.
  15. Zoomin

    Zoomin Skylark Pilot

    I sold the complete engine to a board member - not sure what his plans for the engine might be, but I'll ask for ya. I do have the blower box and heater core though. Let me know if you need it.

    Thanks Tom.

    They are 15's. Yes, I'm looking to get rid of them. Not sure on the backspacing but they fit the 66 just right. Let me know if you're still interested.

    Let me just say how much I love my Buick brethren! :laugh:

    There's not another board I belong to that hits people up for parts like this, and I think it's neat. I guess it's because lil brother Chevy gets all the repop parts and all, but it's nice t see the interest in Buick is still there. It makes life a little harder but it makes the chase more fun too.

    If anyone needs suspension parts like control arms, sway bar, and rear end links, let me know and I'll get ya fixed up. I have a fan shroud too, in great condition.
  16. 66BulldogGS

    66BulldogGS Platinum Level Contributor

    Appreciate the offer, but I am sticking with 14's on mine. They looked real good on your car. I don't mind the new wheels you added and to each his own, but I just love the Buick Road Wheels on that car. Just looks right. I do know a guy here on the board looking to purchase some 15's though. I'll PM you about it so we don't muddy up your thread anymore than needed.

    On a side note, why don't you add your name to your signature. We are all kinda on a first name basis around here if you haven't noticed. Like to keep it casual.

    Good luck on the build, your off to a great start. Something else to think about if you haven't already, is switching out the steering box to a tighter ratio. I apologize if you mentioned it earlier and I missed it. The popular swap is to go to a Grand National steering box, but there is some slight modifications to be made to mate it up I believe although nothing major. Another option that is practically a drop in from what I understand is to use a steering box from a '66 GTO w/ the WS6 package. I think NAPA carries a re-man of it if you can't locate and original or don't want to hunt for one. There should be only 2 steering box's available for the GTO. The standard which is the same as the Skylark, and then the closer ratio which would have been the WS6.
  17. GS Jim

    GS Jim Platinum Level Contributor

    Hi Johnny. I have some Formula V Wheels that are stock on a '65 Gran Sport. Gray instead of Black. I have some 15s coming. I'll be selling the 14s. They have tires on them too. I'll probably want quite a bit for them as they are stock 65s and they came with the Car.

  18. 36racin

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  19. crewser

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    Got to say thanks to Zoomin he really helped to make the heart beat again in this little 65 of mine. Made me a great deal on the engine and he even delivered it to me. Everything was as described, fired up first try and ran like a champ. He is an awesome person to deal with.

    Don't mean to take away from your thread.

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  20. Zoomin

    Zoomin Skylark Pilot


    Done! :grin:

    Glad to meet you Jim. It's so cool to see its already being put to good use. As hard as these parts are to come by, I'm determined that none of these will go to waste.

    i also have a power brake booster / master cylinder available.

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