66 Skylark gets some PT love

Discussion in 'Pro-Touring' started by Zoomin, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. 36racin

    36racin Platinum Level Contributor

    Congrats. A lot of hard work went into making that beautiful Buick. Stack up the awards. You deserve it.
  2. sriley531

    sriley531 Buckle up, this could get rough....

    That is sharp! Congrats!
  3. Juze86

    Juze86 Well-Known Member

    Congrats for award! I tried to sent you PM, but your box is full. Just asking do you still have that gauge?
  4. inda_bebe

    inda_bebe Well-Known Member

    Just cleared upy inbox. It's not that much space
  5. Zoomin

    Zoomin Skylark Pilot

    Somewhere - keep on me! I'll have to dig it out.

    Mine was full too.
  6. hobbby

    hobbby Well-Known Member

    Sweet car! What headlights did you use? They work pretty well at night?
  7. Zoomin

    Zoomin Skylark Pilot

    Sorry for the late reply, but search for Angel Eyes on ebay and you'll find them. They work real good, but anything is an improvement over stock.

    i took her on the Hot Rod Power Tour last summer. Ran over 2500 miles with nary a hiccup.


    Had a decent break in the weather and got to run her around.

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  8. TODD'S 67

    TODD'S 67 Time for another Buick!

    That lark sure turned out nice!
  9. 66 NAILHEAD

    66 NAILHEAD Well-Known Member

    Good looking 66!!
  10. gs66

    gs66 Silver Level contributor

    Yes, that looks great! And the Power Tour is a blast!
  11. 4doorsleeper

    4doorsleeper New Member

    Sorry to bring up an older post but i love how this car turned out. Im in the process of planning my build on my 65 4 door that im gonna install a turbo LS and a 6 speed manual. Im thinking about shaving the rear doors to kinda hit the 4 door aspect unless your paying attention :TU:
  12. Zoomin

    Zoomin Skylark Pilot


    I've been surprised how many people had never heard of a Skylark, but they sure do love them. It's great to hear of another one getting back on the road.
  13. nekkidhillbilly

    nekkidhillbilly post whore

    id rather see it kept 4 door
  14. Peelinoffwtheceilingoff

    Peelinoffwtheceilingoff Active Member

    Whats trans crossmember did you use? I'm doing a swap in my 66' now. Thanks

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