• Lou Santiago built the rear control arms for me. IMAG2037.jpg IMAG2965.jpg

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  1. Ron Kaufman
    That is pretty cool you are friends with Lou
  2. 69wildcatgs
    Did you build that rear-end or buy it with the suspension brackets already installed? asking for a friend
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    2. Rahnz Wildcat
      The new controls arms bolted up in the factory locations. What you see in that picture is a factory frame and rear end, with custom made upper and lower control arms. The springs are factory springs, powder coated. Everything else is painted with POR-15 and rattlecan semi-gloss black.
      Rahnz Wildcat, Aug 1, 2019
    3. 69wildcatgs
      ok then last question....
      on the axle side ( not frame side ) the location of the brackets that the control arms attatch to. were they put in place after the upper and lower control arms were installed on the frame side? Or lets say this axle was purchased from somewhere like currie for a arbitrary year GTO or some other GM of the same model year.
      69wildcatgs, Aug 3, 2019
    4. 69wildcatgs
      Im looking to get a new 9 inch for my 69, but really dont want to mail what ive got all the way to california just so they can make a jig and then charge me another $600+ just for the jig, THEN pay to have my old housing shipped back with a new $5k axle. Did any of that make sense lol?
      69wildcatgs, Aug 3, 2019
  3. SpecialWagon65
    1. Rahnz Wildcat
      Thanks. It's getting there.
      Rahnz Wildcat, Jul 29, 2019