69 Wildcat

  • EDhOx1s7QH2InUZKy6hJtw.jpg 57723175383__34052D24-FA46-4498-8DAC-7F1149E2A509.JPG Getting it torn down and starting to cut out all the frame rot. I'll post up the progress as it comes in. 57723175383__34052D24-FA46-4498-8DAC-7F1149E2A509.JPG EDhOx1s7QH2InUZKy6hJtw.jpg
    Got the stock rear axle modded up with the wilwood dynapro calipers and rotors

    Got the Edelbrock heads and intake snugged down today. The CVF serpentine system is also all buttoned up. I had to grind down a cheap 19mm socket to tighten down the head studs from ARP. The provision that's milled on the far ends of the heads (4 in total) wouldn't take a thin-walled 3/4 inch socket. Probably not an issue if you use head bolts. Also, the Lunati roller rockers and pushrods should be here tomorrow. Baby steps....

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  1. Michael_G
    Good deal! Looking forward to the transformation... :D
  2. Darron72Skylark
    That’s pretty neat, love to see pictures of your progress!
  3. RoseBud68
    Cool land yacht.
  4. 69wildcatgs
    Still waiting on the cross member. I bought one for a LeSabre of the same year from Summit....P/N SUM-770354. And it doesn't fit. It measures 55 inches from side to side and the stock unit is 59 inches. Thought it was maybe a miss boxed item, but that would've been too fortunate of a fix. Did some looking around and am going to try the one for the Riviera. Probably going to have to drill new holes in the frame, but I'm running out of options. If this works ill be able to finally start the damn thing.
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  5. 69wildcatgs
    Monster transmission is now installed......however now I need a custom crossmember. My stock unit will not take the same trans mount that the new trans takes. Plus the clearance for the exhaust collectors are at a wider point than the stock one allows. More parts on the way.
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  6. 69wildcatgs
    Got some goodies in the mail today. TA perforamnce valve covers, MSD pro billet distributor and my FiTech 550 EFI kit. still waiting for the new intake and gaskets. Also picked up a serpentine belt kit from CFV. these are AMAZING! pictures will be posted when all parts get in and installed.
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