GS455 Project

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  1. RoseBud68
    Didn't the 455 come with disc brakes?
    1. Smitty455
      They came with both
      Smitty455, Mar 27, 2021
    2. 70 gsconvt
      I think it was the Stage 1's that came with disc brakes standard. I believe disc's had to be specified on a standard GS455.
      70 gsconvt, Mar 29, 2021
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  2. Michael_G
    Looking forward to seeing the transformation...
  3. FirstBuickNut
    So sad to see sitting there as it looks stripped and abandon.:(:(
  4. Paul Seibert
    It actually doesn't look like it was hit that hard
  5. GS Rick
    I love to see these type of ground up builds, any progress pics?