1970 Tri shield passenger side mirror (!!!!!)- $209 TPP

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    I'm interested in a passenger side mirror for my `72. I noticed that the new mirror has the tri-shield, but my drivers side does not have the tri-shield. Would like the two to match....any suggestions?
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    I like the convex mirror glass for the R/S mirror. It just gives you such a wide view and makes the mirror infinitely more usable. I had a convex mirror in my R/S sport mirror. I found a Burco Redi-cut convex mirror, number 3005. It was the same shape and size as the driver's side glass. The R/S chrome mirror uses a slightly bigger piece of glass. I used the Burco piece anyway. Little bit of the flat mirror showing, but worth it for me. I realize this may not be for everyone.


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    Nice, I'm gonna have to get in on this action :cool:
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    I finally got mine out and painted it. I used the spray and wipe method as my hands are too shaky these days to use a tiny brush. I used Eastwood Chassis Black paint. I taped off most of the mirror so only the back showed. I used a large sponge wrapped with a old t shirt to wipe with. I did have to use a spritz of lacquer thinner on the t shirt to get a clean wipe. Several times I had to spray a small area again to get good coverage after my wipe went too deep into the grooves. Eastwood says to wait at least 2 days for the paint to dry, which I did. I still had a light haze on the chrome and some paint lines where the tape was. I used my fingernail to knock the paint lines off and cleaned the whole area with "cleaner wax". Came out pretty good, I think!
    IMG_20201010_132945_952.jpg IMG_20201010_140531_734.jpg
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    Looks great.

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