I know Corsello is behind this!

Discussion in 'The "Pure" Stockers' started by fjr340gts, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. Rix Fix

    Rix Fix Well-Known Member


    Any pictures?

  2. fjr340gts

    fjr340gts Grocery Getter

    Sorry to drag this back up but this photo impressed me. Talk about a oxymoron, but a ROAD RACING Gremlin?? I bet Rich knows who was driving this..................
  3. Rix Fix

    Rix Fix Well-Known Member

    Rich Rinke.:laugh:
  4. fjr340gts

    fjr340gts Grocery Getter

    You're killin' me! hahahahahahahahaha

    I KNEW IT!!:beer :beer :beer
  5. Donny Brass

    Donny Brass 12 Second Club Member

    4 pages of AMCs in this month's MCR....
  6. Keith Seymore

    Keith Seymore Well-Known Member

    Amazingly, he passed me on the way to work this morning...

    (...at least I assume it was him: Red Dodge diesel dually with "Lady Willpower" painted on the back - and as the vanity plate).

  7. Rix Fix

    Rix Fix Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the heads up Donny! I've got to go out and get one. Also hearing rumblings that the coverage and content is on the rise ,so maybe it's time to get a subscription again? A few PSer's have expressed this recently to me.

    Rich C.
  8. Rix Fix

    Rix Fix Well-Known Member


    If you see him again,and he's trailering the yellow Javelin /AMX pictured in previous post,don't follow to closely. I wouldn't want you to get hit with the air cleaners and and roof,when they get sheared off at the first viaduct.

    Rich C.
  9. fjr340gts

    fjr340gts Grocery Getter

    Now that we all know the name of Rich Rinke and his road racing fame :rolleyes: here is a name we're all a little familar with. The Mark Donahue AMX.


    I found this in the same collection as the Gremlin. These were taken by a Brit photo journalist. His caption under the AMX is priceless.
    To paraphrase:

    The 1970 Mark Donahue Javelin owned by Penske Racing is entered here in the 12 Hours of Sebring. Powered by a Rambler 5000cc engine the car retired at lap 209 due to loss of oil pressure.
  10. Tim Clary

    Tim Clary Well-Known Member

    Hay easy on the Gremsters I had a sunshine yellow gremlin X

    Man I started out hating that car and GREW TO LOVE IT.
    Couldn't blow it up. Beat the Snot out of it.
    My juinor year I upgraded to a 69AMX dark green white stripes.
    Bought it cheap and fixed it up cheap. Some dude pulled me over and offered me $500 more than I had into it. Thought I made out. STUPID!!!!

    Casey yes I remember BEAR- BIG BLACK BEAR !! Man he loved that car.
    It was like Joe Dirt -superbird all jacked up -
    Casey remember the hidden lights he had!!:pp :pp
  11. Rix Fix

    Rix Fix Well-Known Member


    I think that everyone has a good Gremlin story in their past.

    Back in 1991,I found an original Snow White 73 Gremlin X on the streets of Chicago,while hanging a Ueee. What caught my eye, other than being a Gremlin,was the fairly nice unfettered shape the car was in, and it was also sitting on RWL D-70-14 Goodyear Polyglas GT's.I thought that between the shape and the tires (probably originals),that the car might be a low miler,and upon closer inspection found out that it had 25k miles on it.

    It wasn't for sale,but not being shy,I slipped a note under the wiper,and received a call the next day. I bought it the day after that,and drove that car for 5yrs with just daily maint..The A/C still blew ice cold the day I sold it ,and the guy I sold it to drove it for another 3yrs.That's when I lost track of it.

    I always get my money out of cars,and my problem was that as long as they were safe,I'd drive them for a long long time.Didn't care who saw me driving what.I too couldn't kill the mechanicals on that little Gremmie. All slush boxed up 4.2 litres of her.

    A few years ago ,while reminising with my wife,I told her that it's not many women who could boast that they were proposed to in a 1973 Gremlin! Especially in 1993.:laugh:

    Rich C.
  12. Donny Brass

    Donny Brass 12 Second Club Member

    My parents went through a string of 301 Gremlins.... 2 purple and one blue...

    Dad had a Pabst Blue Ribbon tapper as a shift know in on of the the purple cars.......
  13. BlackGold

    BlackGold Well-Known Member

    ..... and I bet even fewer accepted that proposal! :grin:

    I had a buddy in high school who dropped a 460 into his Gremlin. Man, that thing could fly!
  14. Rix Fix

    Rix Fix Well-Known Member

    Good point !

    Rich C.
  15. fjr340gts

    fjr340gts Grocery Getter

    He did it again!

    I hate to drag this post back to the top, but Corsello is up to his sneaky ways to try and seduce us into thinking that an AMC product is almost as cool as the Studebakers!

    In this month's' issue of HMM, there is a tidy little article on a Nash Rambler Hornet SC/360. :TU: :TU:

    Geez. When will the madness end?? They covered ALL the bases in this issue......a Plymouth, A Chevy, a Ford, a Buick, even an Oldsmobile!!! And a AMC to put the cherry on the top! We just needed a Studebaker to round out the field!:bglasses:
  16. Donny Brass

    Donny Brass 12 Second Club Member

    5 more pages of AMCs in Muscle Car Enthusiast :Dou:
  17. Rix Fix

    Rix Fix Well-Known Member

    At this rate,they're going to change the name of MCE to AMCE (American Motors Cars Exclusively).

    OK ,I'll step away from the crack pipe now.

    Up with AMC !!! :beer

    Rich C.
  18. BB767

    BB767 Well-Known Member


    OK ,I'll step away from the crack pipe now.

    Rich C.[/QUOTE]

    I knew it, I knew it, I knew it, I knew it................. That explains EVERYTHING! :moonu:

  19. fjr340gts

    fjr340gts Grocery Getter

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  20. Donny Brass

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