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Discussion in 'Race 400/430/455' started by gmcgruther, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. gmcgruther

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    Yes I do believe I know who, but your right its none of you business or mine to display here, I know for one that they are not being done by one person! Your right, I have never have ported TA's cylinder heads, I never said I did but I can see where some improvement can be made and I bet several have done it already. I just wrote Mike JR in private message, there is no need to discuss this part any more. Both Mikes done said "they are producing products for the average person not the all out racer. I get what they have said and want to leave that area alone now. I was wrong for what I did and I apologized to them both already. Just think now, you all said Buicks are for the gentlemen, prove it to me by not continuing the wrongs I have commented. Like I said, There is room for improvement (SB2.2 Cylinder head Deign) But that is for the all out racer, not the average Joe! Now, please inlighten the folks that don't know where to port first and fore most, the most... Sincere Gary M.
  2. gmcgruther

    gmcgruther Well-Known Member

    Really? I do believe 750 horsepower out bs parts on ebay is pretty damn good for a chevy build over 15 yrs ago! I have done more chevy's at over 700 hp then I care to talk about, The big block ford is the same way, a couple of small block fords too. Damn, you try and make a welded up Pontiac 400 with stock parts survive two stages of Pro-dual stage double cross plate of nitrous! I bet you would scatter thar engine one the first kit! Yes, it eventually blew but it survived for three blast before it popped. Buick big blocks is a new adventure to me and everyone keeps saying there different then anything I ever worked on! Well, guess what? My uncle owned four big block Buick cars before I even had my license. I did some work on his, changing spark plugs, carburetor's and other things but nothing in side of it. He even said to me a few years ago, Buick 455's are just like anything else you build, you must learn them and study them before diving in, because if you don't, your screwed. Try this on, I start at the bowl area of the head and the valve seat angles, then I go out and find out where the next most important area is next. Now please, Inlighten the folks on here that want to know where to port at... Sincere Gary M.
  3. gmcgruther

    gmcgruther Well-Known Member

    Wow, maybe if you would try and get back on topic and not keep going after I asked you to stop your bs, then maybe the topic would generate some positive lead way:TU::rant::Do No::Smarty::eek2:
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    Gary, when you start at your bowl you are going to want to check your air speeds at ssr. To see if widening. A little slows it down a little and gets more cfm through . At that time is your ssr turbulant? You can somtimes hear it or your cfm backs up a little. Once again you ned a used flow bench that is repeatable with a velocity probe. I dont know how your going to do any of this with out one. Just think of the hp you could of made with the junk parts if you could of checked your heads.:Dou:
  5. 8ad-f85

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    Gary, I was not going to add to this thread any longer, but I have to.
    My original intentions to contributing to this thread was to offer some head-porting experiences from different perspectives, not shared often on the 'Net, even if not fully Buick related. I think that was encouraged:Do No:.
    I also tried to inject some humor or sarcasm as an attempt to mediate the vastly different mindsets and opinions here, for the purpose of keeping the thread interesting, and alive.
    Rather than stifle anyone, I'm encouraging as many as possible, with a reality warning attached saying, "It's hard to make $$ doing this".
    My salesmanship skills almost rival my technical skills. Which ones feed me better?
    I think if one weeds out the Yellowbullet mannerisms of the thread, we are left with a few interesting tidbits in the world of head porting.

    I said that Buicks are a "gentleman's car", more than once.
    I was hoping for an environment of discussion that follows that mindset. The Board does seem to follow that, doesn't it?
    These threads get locked because of the "Yellowbullet vibe" they have with hostility and taunting.

    Some of the people being questioned actually feed their families with their Buick reputation. They would be THE people to hope to apprentice under. Some people that post here GET PAID for their opinions! Same folk are taking a part of their valuable time to offer advice. Ya think folks might get upset from time to time?

    I hate to bring this up Gary, but when's the last time someone has shipped something across the country to you? Shouldn't that keep a person humble?
    For some reason you don't like Chris or Vortecpro. They should be considered demi-gods to a thread like this. People pay me to do things, I would pay either of those guys in their area of expertise.
    I can tell that you are smart Gary, but you can't BS anyone who does the same or better. The world is too transparent. Take care of your family's needs first, work on your passions around that. If your good, locals will find you...cashmoney.

    I guarantee that there is more skill here than the market will bear. That's the "Buick modesty".
    A gentleman would not swing his dick around, a baddass might stir the fire with it...silently.:bglasses:
    Your still welcome to pm me, Gary.
  6. TORQUED455

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    Where is the "like" button? :laugh:
  7. ceas350

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    The more I read and eat my popcorn I become more qualmish... I bet this is your first time ever even thinking of building an engine... It's for sure your first porting job :-( then you tell TA they aren't running their business correctly??? I really like it when someone who has NO IDEA what it takes to do something tells you how to do it.... like they have a clue...Lol you say Chevy heads.tell me what kind of Chevy heads those are??? Here's a hint look closely at the intake. I bet there's some welding and such going on with those heads as even them being ported would only get them knocking on 450- 500 hp...
    Oh forgot
    Sincerely, CEAS350
  8. Smokey15

    Smokey15 So old that I use AARP bolts.

    The actual time to take a 'chunk' of billet aluminum and turn it into a complete bolt-on and run cylinder head is way shorter than the time it takes to develop and do the program. Hours of research go into every product before production and the release to the consumer. It's not cheap, by any means. Today's aftermarket heads can be ordered in most any configuration from roughed in to fully ready to run with no hand porting. We no longer have a need for an in-house head porter with the technology and capabilities we have available. If each set needed hand finishing, the cost would be beyond what most would pay. Do-it-all race engine builders are getting fewer. Many are specializing, just doing the block and parts selection which in itself is time consuming. They spec and purchase top end packages from shops like ours. Works best for everyone involved. Check out what and who the top racers are using. To spend hours porting factory iron cylinder heads is a waste of time unless they are required for the class or type of racing you participate in.
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  9. Tom Righter

    Tom Righter Well-Known Member

    ABORT!ABORT! JIM,Seriously restore some credibility here!
  10. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise EFI/DIS 482


    I understand where you coming from.. but..

    I won't close this thread.. it does not fit the criteria for thread closure or removal.

    There is actually very little technical information in this thread, so information accuracy is not an issue, and never a reason for thread closure.. Hell, I read things on here all the time that I could break out the pictures and info and prove to be untrue.

    I don't... because at the end of the day, most of this stuff comes down to someone's opinion. And everyone is entitled to that.

    I also don't respond to folks trying to bait me purposely, or who are seriously confused about something I have done.

    That's not time well spent.

    Folks...Regarding this thread...

    If your tired of reading it, then don't.

    Quit posting on it if you want it to go away.. it will.

    The term "gasoline" and the phrase "on a fire" come to mind here.

  11. Smokey15

    Smokey15 So old that I use AARP bolts.

    This has been turning into a whizzing contest. I think we all agree to the fact that cylinder head technology has come so far that what is "new" cutting edge today, could become yesterday's news tomorrow. Gary, I think you have made your point. I think what we are all waiting for is to see some metal shavings fly, some flow numbers and dyno sheets. Good luck. Now I've gotta go dry my shoelaces.
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  12. pmuller9

    pmuller9 Well-Known Member

    I would also like to see this project move on with the original intent being, what Gary can get power wise from an iron head, block and crank combination.

    I have seen a S8 Buick 12 port to 16 port iron head conversion done with only a drill press, hand tools, stick welder and several loafs of white bread to keep the epoxy out of the water jackets.

    Some of finest Budweiser engineering I have ever seen.

    They proceeded to set at least 5 SCTA land speed records above 200 mph with the highest of 241 mph with a Buick 325 cu inch S8.
    I'm hoping it is in that same spirit that this project moves forward.

    I'm also hoping Gary will only post from here on out, (including pictures) as he makes progress.

  13. gmcgruther

    gmcgruther Well-Known Member

    I'm searching for a scrap production HEAD as we write. I want to start with a simple flowbox to keep my cost down and know my results before actually doing the project. I live in a non Buick environment. and for three years have been searching for a scrap single head to work with! A scrape head will get my project going at once. I promise you all, this is nothing new or is it revelationary. That's why I'm calling it old school! I have make a few more calls and get my hope last bit of information I need. Smokey, you are correct on the billet heads part being cheaper but not everyone has what the place you work at have! I'm doing this project not only to prove a point on here but to my self to show, I still have what it takes to do old school work! Smokey please give some prices of those billet heads! (Please no specifics on who there for or what is envolved.) I want everyone to know how much it cost to have them made... Smokey, I'm hoping this does not insalt you.. I know what work you do and its beyond most people comprehension, it even goes beyond mine at that. I know for a fact because I called as you asked me to do.I want to get back on tract of the main topic on here not arguing about what's what, just information on the topic please... I will start a different thread when the time is ready. I'm sorry I stirred everyone off course on here, can we please get bac! k on course and show information on porting Buick heads! Sincere. Gary M.
  14. Tom Haeffner

    Tom Haeffner Well-Known Member

    Heya Gary. Dont forget to leave the
    spark plug out when ya flow it.That should save a lot of time on the flow bench. hahaha. Seriously though. hope you can come up with good results.Good luck with your project.

  15. Smokey15

    Smokey15 So old that I use AARP bolts.

    I rediscovered this thread when I received a "like" on one of my posts. Just curious if Gary ever got a job in the cylinder head industry. Have not seen him at V.E.D.. Hasn't been here since last April, that I can see.
  16. LARRY70GS

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    I think Gary was exiled a while back.:D
  17. HotRodRivi

    HotRodRivi Tomahawks sighted overseas

    I was the first . now maybe i be the last to post . Nawwwwwwwwww. Long live Gary. ware is the old chap. Larry .
    Will a zero deck block with stg2 street ta , sperical dish pistons, and all the rest of the goddies, put a motor over the edge and need to gurdle the bottom.? Because I have all that with out the zero deck. Havent put it together yet. TA keeps puting out new products like oil baffles and intake splash shields that I need to get. I have well thats me in the pic. A engine girdle dosent work with my frame and a center sump oil pan. I would have to put 20 in wheeles on it which is out of the question.

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