Interest in Kenne Bell Stage 2 Hood Scoops?

Discussion in 'Products and Services' started by TABuickMike, Jun 2, 2011.


If TA brought back the Kenne Bell Stage 2 Hood Scoop...

  1. Yes I would buy one in a heart beat!!!

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  2. Yes I would buy one, but it depends on the price

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  3. Sounds super cool, but I don't want/need one

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  1. otter

    otter It'll be done someday.

    Got mine! Hey, just moved to Weston from Wausau. Maybe I will see you guys after I get some paint on the old girl.I haven't mounted it yet, still have to cut a hole in the hood and mount my KB-Wildcat intake manifold. 68-69 hoods don't have the raised ridge down the center so I will have to fill that in.

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  2. Guy Parquette

    Guy Parquette Platinum Level Contributor

    So you're even a mile or two. Stop by any time!
  3. 71GS455N25

    71GS455N25 Silver Level contributor

    Can anyone tell me who makes the best quality Satge 2 HOOD SCOOPS? I know there are several makers like VFN, TA erformance, & ART. If I am ging to invest in one I just wanted previous buyers opnions.

    Thanks for any input..
  4. gsx678

    gsx678 Well-Known Member

    All I can say is that I am VERY happy with the one I got from TA.
    I have heard mixed feelings about VFN but I have no personal experience with them.
    Hope this helps.
  5. skierkaj

    skierkaj Day 2 Street Screamer

    Mine from TA is OK. It looks fairly well made, but the front of the scoop was cut crooked. Every time I look at it I wish I would've sent it back. TA is probably the closest copy of the Kenne-Bell ones you will find.
  6. Guy Parquette

    Guy Parquette Platinum Level Contributor

    Pics of a professionally painted TA/KB scoop on a VFN hood coming soon.
    I would go with the TA scoop.
  7. skierkaj

    skierkaj Day 2 Street Screamer

    I didn't mean to say that the TA/KB scoop isn't a nice piece. If I were to buy a scoop (which I did) I would've went with the TA one. Gotta get the guy cutting the front edges a new set of glasses :bglasses:- Haha!
  8. hugger

    hugger Well-Known Member

    I assume you are saying it was somewhat un even along to top edge , because they are supposed to lean forward a few degrees , if anyones interested I can modify your scoop to fit and look ALOT more like the real deal on Guy's car with solid mounting flanges up both sides using steel
  9. skierkaj

    skierkaj Day 2 Street Screamer

    The front cut along the side edge was uneven. It looks like one side is a straight cut (but angled), and the other side is a scallop cut. Not a whole lot I can do other than cut both sides to match.

    I'll see if I can get a picture to show what I mean.
  10. skierkaj

    skierkaj Day 2 Street Screamer

  11. hugger

    hugger Well-Known Member

    From what I can tell the Pass side is about right, but yea the driver side is little outa whack, just need to dress it off with a block and some 80 grit. Thats just Fiberglass but fortunately it responds well to grinders and such when it needs to be modified.
  12. DasRottweiler

    DasRottweiler -BuickAddict-

    TA still selling these? Didn't see em on the catalog I downloaded. Would like to have one for my 70. Jim/Rott
  13. gsx678

    gsx678 Well-Known Member

    Yes TA sells them.
    No they are not in the catalog.
    Yes you need to call to order one.
  14. DasRottweiler

    DasRottweiler -BuickAddict-

    Thanks. I have to order some other parts from TA, will include the scoop in order. Jim/Rott
  15. sean Buick 76

    sean Buick 76 Buick Nut

    The VFN hood scoop:

  16. gsx678

    gsx678 Well-Known Member

    I called VFN and their shipping and crate fees would have been almost $100.00 alone.
    TA charged $40.00 shipping
  17. quickstage1

    quickstage1 Well-Known Member

    I did not pay anywhere near that amount for shipping when I bought scoop from VFN last spring. Closer to $20. It just came in a cardboard box with foam peanuts in it. It looks fine, just don't care for the way it mounts with the randomly placed metal tabs fiberglassed into it.

  18. BirdDog

    BirdDog Well-Known Member

    Are these currently in stock?
    Looks like there was some supply/quality issues.
    ...only ever saw a price of "about $100.00"
  19. TA Perf

    TA Perf Member

    10 in stock right now.
    TA 9099 $99

    After the first run I had the glass company redo the mounting surface. Bruce Kent and Harrison were able to get a Skylark hood over to the shop. They re-did the mold so it would lay much flatter to the hood than the KB scoop did. I also had them thicken up the flange so it could be drilled and tapped to bolt the scoop down. I would install Heli-coils if I were to do one. That was my idea anyway. Good thing is, they are available again.
  20. BirdDog

    BirdDog Well-Known Member

    :TU: Awesome, thanks Mike.

    I'm getting an order ready and will add that to it...just have to make a decision about a cam. :Brow:

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