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    I am new to this site and would love to get some details about what you guys are talking about. What size block,compatability with parts,is it aluminum,Any details would be greatly appreciated.I am in the throws of spending money on my whole motor and if this is worth waiting for then thats what i will do.I would be really greatfull if i can get some answers thankyou.......
  2. nitrousfish

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    Hey guys dig this...

    I went to the Tri Power Nationals , a Pontiac get together...and guess what ...they have TWO aftermarket blocks to choose from..not only that but in the pits,the racers were pimping the blocks ,some guys had THREE blocks holding down their tents and/or trailer doors. There were the vendors selling them,racers selling them,crackheads on the corner selling
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    hey guys I'm one of the "caddy" guys, as a matter of interest I had to say something. My partner John Walker & I have a company called Torque Inc. the Caddy heads are based on work I've done & other input from R&D has gone into the Caddy head blah blah blah, but from early 2003 I've seen the patterns for your block in Dicks shop from the beginning. I put in a call to Scotty(his old shop was 8 minutes from my house here in Bklyn) to let him know what was going on & passed Dicks # on to him to provide input. Now from what I understand a certain # of blocks had to be ordered, that number wasn't met. So things take longer. Will you get what you ordered, absolutely. Will you be unhappy at waiting, absolutely. Will the smile ever come off your faces after you get your block? some guys will still be pissed by events, hopefully you won't dwell on the sliding time table. We buick, pontiac, olds & caddy owners are not main stream, people(chevy owners) snickered at a BOP challenging them at one time, now thru progress their starting to sweat(Robins 76 536ci pontiac) ran 8.79@161 w/a IA2 block with the smallest heads in the field. Things are changing, projects are going on on the low but funding slows things. This quagmire has you guys pissed but it will be worth the wait.
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    We where told in november the blocks would be shipping soon and were asked for the remainder of the money owed on our blocks.I am paid up.We have been told next month since then.We were never told we needed to meet in quota in order to get the blocks.I have no problem with waiting but please keep us up to date.I think there are guy's that will buy blocks but are waiting to see one run before spending 4k sight unseen.
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    I emailed Bulldog 2 months ago and they said they were starting to fill orders now. I guess that was just more BS. My Bulldog head were supose to be ready in a few weeks after I bought them. That took 4 months. I think you block guys will be lucky if you ever see a block. :sleep:

    RACEBUICKS Midwest Buick Mafia

    I have one on order and Im not worried ....
  7. JOE RIV 1

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    this changed my racing program big time ! Lost sponserd money and lost buick power intrest.
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    I know I'm one of those guys.

    I have a 540 and a 632(BBC) I could plug in and be racing a small tire car now but I am kind of waiting for the Buick block to keep it cool and different . I will not buy that block or certainly pay up front for a block that is shaky on the delivery. Ill earn the interest on the cash not bulldog, thank you.
    The clock is ticking for me.
    My car is close to being ready for paint. If not by then ....
    George in DC
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    I heard the new blocks were going to be made from unobtanium?!?!?!!?!? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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    Unobtanium? Ha HA HA , Like I've never heard that before.

    The first foundry that did the origianal prototype block, and did an excellent job I might add dropped out of the picture right when the blocks were going into production. They closed up, then reopened but were no longer able to do the blocks, (political crap with that one that I won't go into here).
    The second foundry was then contracted to do blocks, they were very slow and kept having problems getting good qulity castings, and they would only do 1 sample every week, this really was unacceptable.
    They ended up casting I believe about 6 blocks, all had problems and got scraped, I saw one of these when Iwas in INDY back in may, it loked good but had a samll flaw in it. This foundry actually charged for all the defective blocks, not full price, but charged nine the less.
    There is now a 3rd foundry involved, they are able to do much faster work, and have. The first block was being cleaned and it fell in the rotoblasting cabinet and landed on the end rail just under the intake and broke a piece off, scrap that one. There is another sample block done now ready to be picked up Monday to go into machining.
    The machining operation is in full swing and ready to rock, they have already successfully machined several defective blocks, just ot get the bugs worked out.
    I know you keep hearing it's close, but all I can say is it really is.
    I wish i was closer to Indy to check up easier, but I'm like 1500 miles away from them .
    You know what I know. Jim Burek
  11. buickdav

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    Nice post Jim,

    I know that the few, who know you better than others, appreciate it. I also personally know the headaches this has caused you, due to circumstances that are not your under your control. I commend you for having the guts to stick it out and do what you can for those that have ponied up for a much needed part. Also I say ignore those that are here just to cause problems. Fill the orders that are there, start at the top of the list, and move down. There isn't any other way to do it and still be fair(!!!!!!!!). I know from our talks that this is an issue for you, but like I said before, it's outa your control. You can't do it all man. I KNOW who is number 1 on "the" list, and to be honest, will be disapointed if he doesn't get the number 1 block. Let the "I need it more than him", ego-maniacs, wait their turn. If your 18 on the list, then sit and watch 17 go by. I know Dick is under pressure for this too, I caught him on his cell a couple days ago. Everybody wants this done. I really think it will be done soon also. But , hey, what do I know right ?? I live up here in Hicktown...............
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    Lucky Yet???

    Thanks for the heads-up Jim. I know its just another "soon" type reponses but sooner or later we have to get lucky or something.

    Jim, BIG QUESTION!!! has any of the protoyype blocks beed machined correctly?? I know the blocks are bad but if the machine is coming out to spec. What about getting the cranks going for those of us who are getting a Scat Crank or something with the small jounrnal. Same with the wide pan rail. The block seems to be the big hold-up but I as others still have a crank, cam, and pan that need made yet and is waiting for the block. Any thoughts??? Is there anything that can be put in motion to keep additional waiting down? :Do No:
  13. Billy

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    Waiting is ok.

    The way i look at it is the man is trying to improve the buick performance world big time. He is making every effort to make this happen and thats a good thing and it will have its ups and downs for now. But when it is all said and done he will go down in buick history as the man" The hero" to the buick community. :beer :beer :beer :beer

  14. Mr Big

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    The men who pull this off are deservedly going to be famousand
    I really appreciate their efforts!!!!

    To you guy's who have laid out your hard earned cash...I thank you as well.
    Without you this project would not be possible.

    I hope one day soon to have a truly strong foundation with which to build a Buick V8 that is not only powerful, but also reliable.
  15. 69GS400s

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    Ssince the pouring hasn't started yet - is it still possible to get on the bottom of "The List" ??? (not necessarily for myself but I thought the Q. should be asked)
  16. buick535

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    Yes, as long as the run has not been finished. Jim Burek
  17. buick535

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    I don't want to stir things up here but as usual , there are always 2 sides to every story. This cadillac situation is not what you think it is. Bradshaw does not like to get involved in all the political crap that goes on in this business so He really does'nt like talking about these things.
    I have had a very lengthy converstion with him about this whole thing, and some other people have had as well. All I'll say now is that it does'nt concern us, has nothing ot do with the Buick block and has no effect on the Buick block. I am as I always have been in Dick Bradshaw's corner and even more so now then before.

    There are things I know in confidence from him that I can't divulge unless he says it's ok, sorry, that's the way it is.

    Again for the people who are worried, if the blocks were in jeopardy, why would there be a whole box full of steel main caps in his shop that he had outsourced for the Buick block? I'v e seen these myself.
    Foundry number 2 actually cast I beleive it was 8 blocks that all were rejected by Bradshaw. They still charged for these blocks, they were all scrapped.
    Foundry #3 has now successfully cast some good blocks. These have a higher nickle content then any of the previous blocks, this was a choice of the new foundry. It's all good.
    SOme of the previoulsy mentioned blocks had gone through the machining process so that program is worked out.
    I don't like posting just to post, so i don't update as often as i'd like to.

    Just in case anyone thinks this whole block thing has not had me on pins and needles let me clarify something to you. I have received orders for 20 plus blocks that have gone through my shop , money has come in for them and gone out for them, so yes, I am probably way more concerned about this whole thing than any of the individuals that have ordered blocks. FOr me, it's not just about a $3600 to $4000 block, try multiplying that by about 27 or 28 and then you sleep at night when there are delays.
    Since the beginning I have tried to be a buffer between Dick Bradshaw and the many customers, I have always felt it was more efficient to let him do his job and not have to field constant questions everyday that come up about this thing.

    Stay tuned, I might be able to make an announcement this comming week that will throw all you guys and gals for a loop. Jim Burek
  18. bob k. mando

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    Stay tuned, I might be able to make an announcement this comming week that will throw all you guys and gals for a loop.

    oh, i'm all ears, believe you me.
  19. 9secStage1

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    Thank you for the update:TU:
  20. SiCk70SkY

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    what bolck is it?

    sorry guys im new. but what block is it for? the 455? :Do No:

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