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Discussion in 'Race 400/430/455' started by Woodie, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. buicksstage1

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    Well put Jim

    I put in my order today :TU: I talked to Dick for a half hour or so,sounds like things are on track.It sounds like blocks should start to flow in a week or two. Would anyone like to put in a order? :shock: Chris
  2. 9secStage1

    9secStage1 Worlds Fastest GS Stage 1

    First off this is NOT meant to flame anyone. Its just plain common sense in the real world.

    Can I ask you two questions? Did you order one and are you "definitely going to order one? If your answer is no, then I am sorry to say to you that your statement holds no substance. If you had already laid down some green backs then I apologize 100% and you hold that right to make such statements.

    Guys like myself and only 25 or so other guys bucked up instead of kicking tires thats it! After all the fanfare and all the We have to have ones remarks only a handful came through.

    We waited a very long time for this. You have to realize this is no Chevy block where the manufacture is going to sell easily 200 blocks or more. This is an extremely limited nitch we are in. To tell someone to do all of the above would not only delay the block for a few more months or years, but also increase the cost tremendously, because there are only about 26 or so guys that ordered these blocks.

    Even if Bradshaw would have done all the above you suggested and the blocks be delayed another 6 months or so and I would bet ya that even if the price remained the same he would still have sold the same amount of blocks. Oh maybe 1 or 2 more but nothing to break the bank on.

    Why only 26 or so? Well some guys wait on the fence, others understandably have to save the money, and there are others that have no intentions but love to kick the tires and let's be real guys, it's a very small market. I for one knew the money was going to be tight, but with so few made it may end up be a losing deal for Bradshaw which would mean after 26 or so are made, that will be it. No more blocks, the boat left the port. I for one like the others that ordered the blocks are not about to be left on the port.

    In a performance world there are no guarantees. You place your faith along with research on the who's and how's and whats etc. regarding the new parts. We do our homework and asked many questions when this block was just a design on paper. Are we taking a chance? Yes. Remember we all take that chance with a 30 year old designed block. If I wasnt willing to take a chance then I should just sell my racecar and stick to a stock street car.

    Lastly as much as I may bitch on the delay process I still highly commend all that have been involved on making this a reality.
  3. john hixon

    john hixon Well-Known Member


    I'm very disapointed with your response. If memory serves, TA had some issues that had to be worked through with the first few aftermarket V6 turbo "production" castings...

    Didn't the Buick Stage2 program (heads) meet an untimely end as well?

    A big thumbs down man. For the duration and investment on this project I damn well think it's reasonable to flog a combo or two on the dyno.

    Whatcha afraid of?

  4. Staged70Lark

    Staged70Lark Well-Known Member


    Why is it unreasonable to have the first block put together and then put on a dyno to make sure everything will fit, run and then be flogged?

    Let me first say that I do not have $$$ down on this block. I do want it to be a success. But dont let your want and need for this block interfere with your common sense purchasing. IT SHOULD be tested first!!!!

    I am very much into Pontiacs also. I can tell you that the first Pontiac block by Indian Adventures was a DISASTER. Many people lost $$$$. Then KRE purchased what Indian adventures started and later completed the block which Pontiac racers are now using.

    Here is a link... New block $2695 Pontiac block.htm

    Another Link to the timing cover... which by the way is only $155 bucks.. aluminum timing cover.htm

    I say the piece should be tested somewhat before others are shipped!

  5. buick535

    buick535 Well-Known Member

    John, Not afraid of anything. Re read my post. This block is not something new. It's been done time and time again, this one just holds Buick parts. This block is not a first time deal for Bradshaw. Gee , I once watched a guy build a block, maybe i'll do one . Trust me, there will be engines up and running before most guys even get there blocks. Several are even waiting to help in the testing. Give it a rest. And you wonder why sometimes I don't post new info. Jim Burek
  6. buick535

    buick535 Well-Known Member

    Bradshaw was involved in fixing what was wrong with the pontiac block. Jim Burek
  7. Truzi

    Truzi Perpetual Student

    Well, I'm not in any position to buy a block, so maybe I shouldn't be talking, but I do have an opinion.

    Following all the threads on this, my impression is the first few blocks will be tested - by the first few people to receive them.

    What I mean is, the people who stepped up to make this go through are confident the blocks will be fine, know that there is a small possibility something may not work right, and seem eager to push the new blocks to their limit - possibly trying to break them on purpose :)

    Many of the people building these things will probably dyno them just because they'd do that no matter what they built.
    Several blocks will find themselves in race cars, which will be inspected as most race engines are.

    So in a way, it seems to me that these blocks will be "tested," and the people doing the "testing" are happy to do so. Perhaps it's not an official test, but they will be tested all the same.

    Plus, this is an improvement on an old design, but as Jim said, it is not a new design, so it is already "proven" - which is more than we can say for some of the engines the Big Three put in production from time to time.
  8. mltdwn12

    mltdwn12 Platinum Level Contributor

    To answer your questions and statements,

    IMO, "Plain common sense in the real world" dictates caution when purchasing something new and expensive. Some folks take the word solely on face value and some require hard data. I'm in between, but that's just my opinion.

    1) No, I have not ordered a block. As I stated, I think these guys are doing a great thing by trying to make this block. I was just asking if we'd see any testing? Every time someone seems to ask a question about deadlines that have come and gone, some people get very defensive. I'm sorry if I piss some folks off. I've been running Buicks since 1975 and am not here to stir up crap, I was being sincere with my inquiry.

    2) No I am "defintely" not going to order one. I'd would like to one day. I just prefer to wait and see how it works, is that wrong? Just because I have not ordered one does not take away "my right to make such statement". I thought this board was about the free exchange of ideas and questions to further to Buick hobby, even if a person hasn't laid out 3 grand yet. Again, I apologize, but I will still ask questions regardless.
  9. Buicks4Speed

    Buicks4Speed Advanced Member

    I'll test it for ya All......the Pro side

    I am in agreement that it is unfeasable for testing. I have enough knowledge and faith that I know the new block will hold together far better than any stock piece. If you were to demand testing before production, there would not be a new block. Our Buick market doesn't support the added expense since there is not enough volume to spread what it would cost. People have enough problems paying what it already cost so what would happen if it was more? The people on the fense :Do No: would just fall off. If some are already so "tight" that they can't afford to take a chance on a un-tested block, then they can't afford for it to cost more so why make the arguement. THere are too many problem areas that this block is addressing over our old blocks not to seriously consider the investment. For all those too skeptical, you can watch me test it out. :Brow: And hope there will still be blocks to buy later. I can much more afford to buy a new block and take the chance over waiting and not to having one to buy later if only one production run is made. I can no long deal with the expense and time of trying to keep junk together and seeing how many bandages it takes to keep it together. Girdle this, girdle that, no oil here, no oil there, 10 gals of rtv to glue it all together, another gal of concrete, glass lifter bores, tiny crap cam cores from tiny crap cam bores, drill this, modify that, opps..that idea didn't work-grab another junk block..............Give me a block that just lets me do the basic machining so I can throw in my parts and go. Stop the insanity! I'm ready for my new iron block now, where is it? :grin: It's good to see pictures of progress. Thanks Jim..
  10. 9secStage1

    9secStage1 Worlds Fastest GS Stage 1

    AMEN You hit the nail on the head Pal!!
  11. alan

    alan High-tech Dinosaur

    It sounds very much like he's taken a design that he knows works and simply made adjustments for the Buick parts to fit. This makes much more sense than trying to reinvent the wheel.

    Sounds good to me!

    Before the block was announced I had considered trying to modify an existing aftermarket block to accept Buick parts or get a large chunk of aluminum and start carving on it. I wonder how big of a mess that would have been? :Dou:
  12. Kerry s.

    Kerry s. Is Jesus YOUR Lord?

    Hi Guys,

    I agree wholeheartedly in the faith of this new block...HOW can it possibly be weaker than a stock block??:Do No:

    Unfortuntely I haven't "jumped the fence", this time due to my health issues I'm not even financially able to climb onto the fence at this time. I went to St Louis this past Tuesday for check-up testing to find out my lungs are further deteriorating and my transplant will more than likely happen within the next few short months. MAYBE after it's all said and done, and LORD willing, I'll come thru this and be able to join in something that I have tried to be a part of from the very beginning of a new block.:TU:

    Thanks Jim (Burek) for your fortitude in working with Dick Bradshaw & BullDog and dealing with ALL the negative that has come down the "road" in the meantime. I hope someday to be giving you that call we have talked about in the past and getting my order in!:TU:

    Have a great weekend everyone..:)
  13. Freedster

    Freedster Registered User (2002)

    Just made me smile to see the pics. :)

    Good work team!

    - Freed
  14. GSX455

    GSX455 Well-Known Member

    Jim, talked to you a few months ago about my block. It was ordered through G. Ketchem. Do we have a ship date? will I see this thing sometime this winter? I have had the complete motor waiting for this block for over 2 years.
  15. buick535

    buick535 Well-Known Member


    It looks like blocks will be shipping this month. Jim
  16. GSX455

    GSX455 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Jim
  17. Staged70Lark

    Staged70Lark Well-Known Member

    Hey Guys,

    After doing additional research I must correct myself in my previous statements about Indian Adventures (IA) and KRE.

    KRE did not buy anything from IA. They started there own project. It took them less than one year to complete the project. They assembled and dyno tested there block before sending anything out to the customers. The IA II block is now for sale in addition to the KRE. The IA II block is now being produced with success the second time around.

    I do not have any information about the IA II block but the KRE block has gone 6.80s in a 2600 lb car. So its definately holding up to some HP.

    If the new first Buick block is not going to be dynoed, will it atleast be assembled COMPLETELY to insure that all bolt holes line up and other minor issues eliminated??

  18. bob k. mando

    bob k. mando Guest

    any word jim?

    and just to throw crazy ideas around, especially now that the design work has already been done ...

    the buick small block is supposed to be MUCH stronger structurally than the big block. would it be stupid to ask about the possibility 'blowing up' the small block design to work with big block bore centers? or is that kind of what Dick did?
  19. 9secStage1

    9secStage1 Worlds Fastest GS Stage 1

    Just tried to access the Bulldog web site. It worked up to about 2 weeks ago, now it's no longer on line. Would like to really know what the heck is going on with the block.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2005
  20. 10sec 455

    10sec 455 Well-Known Member

    I wonder if he just closed the site, its hasn't changed at all for a long time. :Do No:

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