Rear Sump Oil Pan for 430 Needed

Discussion in 'Parts wanted' started by BOPman, Nov 11, 2015.

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    New to the V8 Buick site and need to get up to speed quickly. I've been a Pontiac guy for 30 years but recently picked up a VERY clean and original 72 Skylark... w/o a motor. Since I don't have the numbers matching engine and have access to a tight, low mileage 430 I thought why not drop it in the Skylark. This motor has a center sump oil pan, I need help locating a rear sump pan and 5/8" pick up tube. I have the correct cast iron frame mounts. I'm also looking for info and advice on making this transplant. Will the 430 exhaust manifolds work? Is there anything else I might need? Has anyone else done this and if so how do you like the 430 engine vs a 455?
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    Re: 430 into a 72 Skylark - help!

    I put a 430 in my old 72 Skylark awhile back. Wow it had a lot of power! What a tire shredder! I added a mild cam to take advantage of the 430s decent compression ratio.

    I used stock manifolds without incident.

    My only complaints with the lifter / rocker oiling. It's not a through-pushrod oiling system, oil goes thro passages on the heads up to the rockers. Rockers tended to be noisy, and lifters tended to catch aire bubbles and clatter as a result. One can convert to the 455 pushed oiling, but I was too cheap to do so.

    But again wow what a tire shredder! Throttle steering heaven.
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    Re: 430 into a 72 Skylark - help!

    Thanks for the reply, I figured that w/nearly 500 ft/pd torque the 430 motor would be a BEAST and blast to drive, can't wait!
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    Re: 430 into a 72 Skylark - help!

    If you have no luck finding used pieces, the pan and the pick up are both available new from TA Performance
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    Re: 430 into a 72 Skylark - help!

    An oil pan was listed here recently. We will move your post to "Parts Wanted"and change the caption for you.
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    I have one out of a 68 400 that's in very good condition.With the original pick-up tube$80.00 plus shipping.Bruno.

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