1969 GS Stage 1

  • This car was last tagged in 1978 in Upson County, GA. It's been sitting since then. I helped move it to the land I picked it up from in 1987. I was finally able to get it from my Ex-Stepfather last May. Truck, floor pans, lower quarters, package tray, back seat support, truck lip, rear window seal lip, are all shot.
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  1. ribuick
    Is this a project or parts car?
  2. Eric Keel
    Are you in Ga?
    I have A 68 I’m working on.
  3. Landshark1969
    That's a cool project
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    1. Buickman1
      How's the 69 Stage 1 coming these days
      Buickman1, Nov 9, 2019
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