72 Skylark—Custom 455

  • F4E4A8C2-F551-454D-8092-67EFDE22A604.png 6A905B68-5692-4108-B1A1-7BE33FD44A67.png FCE9EB12-C99C-4120-9C86-A99DA6369F91.png 143952A5-3DB2-428B-954D-B826DF6191C0.jpeg

    Found a hood. Yay!!!!


    Less Yay….

    E636810D-2E77-4052-8F9A-DBCEB8E512D3.jpeg 3153AA3A-E48B-4655-AFBE-FDD970F639EF.jpeg
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  1. Michael_G
    Cool cool! What is your restoration plan?
    1. mbryson
      Still formulating but I do want a driver, less of a racer. Chunky front/rear tires (probably 15” units?

      Probably leave the 9” as is? Posi and 3.55 gears.

      Not sure what to do with the manual column shift T400. I’ll try to get used to it for a while and go from there. I love manual trans. Maybe this will work for me?

      Still perusing for a color
      mbryson, Sep 25, 2021
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    2. Michael_G
      Sounds like a fun plan moving in the right direction...
      Michael_G, Sep 25, 2021
  2. RoseBud68
    Looks like a project aright...
    1. mbryson
      Less than it looks? It’s kind of stripped for paint. Need a hood and a front bumper. I have a “complete” interior. (At least all the big stuff) it’s in 7/10 shape definitely serviceable for a minute.
      mbryson, Sep 25, 2021
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