BBB 79 Corvette Build

  • IMG_20180615_163025403.jpg IMG_20180420_175425650_HDR.jpg Hello all,
    I am currently in the process of swapping a 73 Buick 455 into a 79 C3 Corvette, originally this started out with me buying a B.O.P. th350 transmission to tear into and look at, paid $175 for it and found out it was a fresh rebuid. And then you know.. i had to have a motor for the transmission. Then a car for the motor. I picked up a fair condition 455 from a 69 wildcat, turns out the motor is a 73 that was swapped into the wildcat. So i am doing a full rebuild of the motor to 10.5 to 1 compression.

    My "Performance" parts are listed below

    Speed pro Hypeeutectic pistons .30 over 23cc with valve notches.
    TA 288-94H Cam
    Stock rebuild on numbers matching heads.

    Rotating assembly currently being balanced waiting on the harmonic balancer ship date is the 10th of june

    IMG_20180615_163025403.jpg IMG_20180420_175425650_HDR.jpg
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  1. Will Petrie
    Here is a video of it up and running. Went off to basic this is the first time she has ran in 4 months. Sounds really good

  2. Will Petrie
    She is finally home. I am having trouble with starters braking. I am running 11 degrees initial timing and 36 all in. A high performance starter with gear reduction was starting it fine but the gears in it gave out. No kick back or back firing. Any idea of whats going on?
  3. Will Petrie
  4. Will Petrie
    ITS running and running good!
  5. Will Petrie
    Here is a picture of the motor when I pulled it. And after rebuilding it but missing a few small parts.
  6. Will Petrie
    Hey guys I now have the hard part of the oil filter relocation kit done. Even after cutting the frame back to the springs we were short about half an inch of room. so we decided to get drastic. After a bit of time with a drill and a grinder we have all the hoses ran without any kinks. After we opened the frame up in this area a piece of pipe was cut and welded in for strength and the hose was ran through the pipe. Was this easy... no but you do what you have to do i guess.
  7. Will Petrie
    My motor Mounts see right.... New ones see left.
  8. Will Petrie
  9. Will Petrie
    So its been a while since I had an update here. Sorry lots of work and school (senior year and Collage prep) anyway. I brought the Vet to a local exhaust shop for some leads hooked up into the dual exhaust already on the car. While there the Gentleman that runs the place said my motor mounts would probably not hold and my trans cross-member I made was to solid. (He said It needed some give so as to not crack the bell housing) So we have made new motor mounts and a new cross-member. We notched the front of the frame to fit a oil filter relocation kit on it. Hoping to start it Sunday if everything goes right Saturday. Here are a few pictures.[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. Philip66
    Hey Will,
    Love the swap into a Vette! Should be fun and fast when you get done.

    Did you ever get your sending unit situation straightened out?
    Cars with gauges used a different sending unit than dummy lights.
    I’m not sure of the part numbers or where to buy but if you post this question in th “Bench” you’ll get a lot of responses from many knowledgeable members.

    Good luck and make sure you post up some pictures
    and more info when you get the Vette done!!

    Philip T.
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    1. Will Petrie
      So I was able to find some brass fittings that allowed me to use Chevy Corvette sending units so everything should work pretty painlessly.
      Will Petrie, Nov 2, 2018