"Poor" Touring 1970 455 4 Speed GSX

  • IMG_0575.JPG A lifetime hoarding of 1970 GSX parts on a previously humble yet lovable 72 GS-350. I have owned the rare numbers matching cars but ended up selling them because they were too damn stressful to drive in a minefield of distracted drivers.
    I will still watch it like a hawk but being disabled now I am more about enjoying what I can afford and still build with the least amount of stress. This car has been touched by many fellow members here as it is composed of countless weathered,rusted,twisted,dinged and put up wet parts in an attempt to make the overall car look consistently bad lol. Yessss, it is strange but it is actually a fun challenge and more difficult than one might think to duplicate a car pulled from the 1980's to present day. It is a 455 Muncie 4 speed consolette car with an 8.2 3:64 posi. Mickey Thompson Super Scavengers,Edlebrock B-4-B,1969 vintage Edlebrock BBB finned valve covers, Thermoquad carb,Posten Enterprises Ram Air spoiler system,No-Hop bars,Lakewood traction bars and of course Flow Masters.

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  1. Michael_G
    I understand your stress level comment all too well; and this just looks like a fun undertaking. How goes the progress?
  2. bos
    that's what they're really for have fun
    Hi Rocketman, it's not a numbers car, was a 72 GS and now with my decades long stash of GSX parts JUST for this day & I am switching it over to a 70 GSX. Kind of a community project with all the guys on here donating and selling roached out parts too cool to throw out but perfect for a rat rod X : ) It is gonna be fun as all get out when its running:)
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    1. rocketman66
      My bad. Best of luck on the build
      rocketman66, May 10, 2017
  4. rocketman66
    Best of luck to ya. That's going to be a real beauty when she's done. Numbers matching car is huge bonus. ;)
  5. 2001ws6
    Nice John! Cant wait to see more pics of your progress. :cool: