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Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by Steve73GS, Oct 24, 2020.

  1. 69GS&M21

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    That is great advice IMO, Brian, for a DIY paint job as well. I plan to archive your post to help me as I do the work on my car.
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  2. Redmanf1

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    I could not find it. You might PM Steve and ask him.

  3. Steve73GS

    Steve73GS 73 GEE YES

    Car is prepped and initial paint is started(jambs,etc). Weatherstripping was "ok" but I've decided to replace it. Seems not easy to find. Any recommendations?
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  4. Smartin

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  5. Steve73GS

    Steve73GS 73 GEE YES

    Thanks Adam.
  6. Brian Albrecht

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    Excellent. Ready to share a "work in progress" picture yet?
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  7. Steve73GS

    Steve73GS 73 GEE YES

    Here are some pics of the dings from my kids climbing on the car to reach a shelf above it while it sat in the garage undriven for 25+ years, paint chipped off from taking their bicycles in/out and scrapes from the nose hitting the shelf when taller front tires were put on...have since lowered the front by 1 3/4" 20201107_155642.jpg 20201107_154657.jpg 20201107_154816.jpg 20201107_155638.jpg


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  8. Skyhawk

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    Good luck with the project & hope to see an article for the newsletter this winter.
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  9. Steve73GS

    Steve73GS 73 GEE YES

    Thanks John. Will put an article together.
  10. Steve73GS

    Steve73GS 73 GEE YES

    These are two rust spots that developed, one on the lower driver door and the other inside the passenger door jamb/base.l 20201107_154452.jpg 20201107_155146.jpg
  11. Steve73GS

    Steve73GS 73 GEE YES

    This is some surface rust on the trunk caused from putting a milk crate on the trunk holding brake and other fluids that leached through the carpet covering the car when the car was dormant. Also some surface rust inside the engine compartment where the fender meets up with the inner wheel well. 20201107_154315.jpg 20201107_154605(0).jpg 20201107_154256.jpg
  12. Steve73GS

    Steve73GS 73 GEE YES

    Repairs started IMG_1759.jpg IMG_1754.jpg imagejpeg_0.jpg
  13. Steve73GS

    Steve73GS 73 GEE YES

    Inside of trunk and jambs sprayed out IMG_1783.jpg IMG_1785.jpg IMG_1784.jpg
  14. Steve73GS

    Steve73GS 73 GEE YES

    Coming along...a couple more pics imagejpeg_0.jpg imagejpeg_1.jpg
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  15. Skyhawk

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    Lookin good!
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  16. dr

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  17. Steve73GS

    Steve73GS 73 GEE YES

    Thanks guys
  18. 12lives

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    Dang - why would you take it somewhere? Looking good!
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  19. 71stagegs

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    Very nice what kind of clear coat u use
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  20. 436'd Skylark

    436'd Skylark Sweet Fancy Moses!!!!!

    Boy that rear tire is bad ass.

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