TSP Level 2A-R (Larry's motor) Complete and Dyno tested.

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    OK guys. Just talked to Jim. My motor was dyno'd today, and it made some very nice numbers with a smaller cam. These are the specs on the first motor.

    Bore- 4.350
    Stroke- 3.95
    Deck height- 10.550
    Compression ratio- 10.50-1
    Head CC 61
    piston CC 30
    Head gasket .040
    Rod clearance .0027
    Main Clearance (1-4) .0027 (5) .0031
    Block- 70 SF, full machining and oil mods, no filler or girdles.
    Crank- Stock Buick, mains at .010, rods offset ground to 2.200, widened to 1.995
    Rods- Eagle H-Beam 6.8" C-C length, .990 pin 2.200 big end
    Pistons- TSP/Diamond 470 Combo- 15*x.300 valve reliefs, conical dish, offset pins
    Rings- Plasma moly conventional gap rings 1/16 compression 3/16 oil
    Balancer- TA Factory reproduction
    Flexplate- SFI
    Timing cover- TA 1531, built by TSP, factory 455 end housing, stock length gears, white STG 1 spring.
    Bearings- Clevite 77 rod/main- TA dual groove coated cam
    Fel Pro gaskets
    SRE Oil pan (will be)- tested with TA 1511A
    Camshaft- TA Hydraulic roller, 234/247/113 with .574/,584 lift at valves
    TA Hyd Roller lifters
    Rollmaster timing chain set .005 undersize
    TA Stage 1 SE Cylinder heads, with TSP Level 3 porting 335/250 at .600
    TA SP-1 Intake Manifold, TSP port match and plenum work
    AMP manifold Splash pan
    8.725 length 5/16 pushrods, .080 wall 4130
    TA Roller Rockers- 1.6 ratio
    FR-5 NGK spark plugs
    MSD 8.5MM Super Conductor wires
    Dave Ray stock distributor with mag pickup conversion

    It made a best of 608 HP, and 595 ft. lbs of torque. Unfortunately, the block wasn't up to those kinds of numbers, and 30+ pulls on the dyno with all the cam changes.

    This motor has a much better 76 block with twice the wall thickness. The cam is 4* smaller on the intake side, 9* smaller on the exhaust side, with a 1* narrower LSA. The cam came out to 230*/238*, 112 LSA, and it degreed in at 107.5* ICL (4* keyway on the Rollmaster, believe that?). It has .544/.577 lift. The motor also has an oil balance line front to back. It also has the right SRE 7qt.+ oil pan. I think those are the only differences.

    I know the numbers, and I am ecstatic, but I figured I would give you guys some time to guess my HP and TQ numbers, before Jim posts all the sheets later. So have at it guys:laugh:
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  2. R4E5G5L

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    596hp 613tq

  3. leo455

    leo455 LAB MAN

    610hp 605tq
  4. flynbuick

    flynbuick Guest

    614 square
  5. 69GS400s

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    how'd he get your heads up to 61cc ? weren't they 59cc ? is the deck height of the new block the same 10.55 ?
  6. LARRY70GS

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    Greg measured them at 59cc. They were ported some more, so maybe they got bigger? With the Diamond piston/Eagle rod, you don't have to cut much off the deck to zero it, so I would expect the deck height to be close if not the same.
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    Hurray!! (Re: TSP Level 2A-R (Larry's motor) Complete and Dyno tested.)

    Howdy Larry and JW engine fans!!

    I won't even begin to guess, but I'll heartily congratulate you on finally getting close to having your engine back in your car!! :TU:

    No matter how much horsepower it makes on the dynamometer, you can't enjoy it until it is completed and can finally put it in your car. :3gears:

    Looks like you are now really on the home stretch to actually enjoying the fruits of this project!

    Cheers, Edouard :beer
  9. 87GN_70GS

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  10. sriley531

    sriley531 M.M.O.G.

  11. offbrand Racing

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    595hp, 590 tq

  12. austingta

    austingta Well-Known Member

    590 hp @5500
    590 tq @4400[hr][/hr]
  13. ick

    ick ick

    Larry. bet it's was worth the wait 590 tq / 585hp
    On your list of parts you have a white oil pressure spring listed ... is this used with the adj reg ?

  14. 70 gsconvt

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    I don't care how much it makes.....You Go Larry ! ! ! ! :3gears:
  15. nickwhite

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    600 HP / 590 TQ What happened to the first block?
  16. rmstg2

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    592 605 Go Larry.:TU:

    Bob H.
  17. dentboy

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    Congrats Larry, can't wait to see it,
  18. Jim Weise

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    Re: Hurray!! (Re: TSP Level 2A-R (Larry's motor) Complete and Dyno tested.)

    He's not the only one who's happy today Edouard...

    BillyGoat's motor was on the dyno, right after Larry's, and I will say this..

    It was a good day at the dyno.


    ---------- Post added at 06:03 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:41 PM ----------

    Yup.. Good day.

    We brought Larry's latest incarnation of the Level 2AR out of the truck this morning, and bolted her up on the dyno.

    Wanting to increase the low end torque a bit, as well as tone down the idle chop, this one has a bit smaller cam than the 413HR that was in the first incarnation. That cam was 235/247/113 with .572/.606 lift, going from memory..

    The new one, ground for me by Comp Cams off my specs, is:

    231/238/112, with .550/572 lift.

    Idle quality increased noticeably.. what was a realitively mean chop from the 413 at 750 rpm, now is a musical thump with the new cam, idle vacuum increased a full inch to a more than adaquate 11.5 to 12 inches.

    Here are the Highlights..

    We gave up 6 foot lbs at peak, but I noticed several data points below the peak that were up 8 or 9 numbers, from it's previous best. After I study the data, we may find that it actually made more torque on average, or changed very little..

    It made 589.6 foot lbs.. at peak.

    For HP... working really hard at it (NOT, I JUST ADUSTED THE TIMING ONCE, TO 34).. it made 602 HP.. or just 6 off it's best number with the bigger cam. Real world power, without spacers.

    Easily the most powerful 230ish intake duration motor that I have ever worked with, by an easy 60 HP.. Flat tapped version of this motor is lucky to make 530.

    Got to love those roller cams.

    You will be hard pressed to tell the power difference between the two motors, in either an ET slip or the seat of your pants, but we certainly can feel the improvment in idle quality and low end performance with the smaller cam.. a wonderful final refinement of the new breed.

    More with dyno sheets and video later on, I just got back in from the dyno shop, after another long day, and it's supper time.


    BUQUICK I'm your huckleberry.

    Very impressive results guys. Thanks for sharing.
  20. flynbuick

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    Making that kind of power with a reasonable cam is the trick for a street car. Larry -- now you are going to have a traction issue. MT's drag radials are not going to hold it.:Do No:

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